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Social Selling Training Alone Isn’t Going to Get Your Sales Team to Quota

By Sander Biehn | Mar 2, 2015

In the email announcing TotalCom’s new Executive Vice President of Sales, you could hear the relief of the search committee and the other executives. With no one at the helm the past few months, and a re-segmentation badly needed, the new chief had his work cut out for him.


But before the ink was dry on his contract he was marching down the hallway to see the VP of Business Marketing.  During the interview process he learned that his passion for enabling Sales using social media was a perfect match at TotalCom.  This new VP saw it as a good “quick hit” to score some points with the CEO and establish his value right out of the gate.


Looking at the budget, the two executives discussed how to roll out a social selling program. With limited resources, the best course of action seemed to be a training course. There were abundant options to choose from, and choosing the best training curriculum was the only detail they had to discuss.


But months after the training was over and the gap-to-plan was still significant, everyone was wondering where the ROI on social selling was. The CEO was growing sour on the whole proposition….
This tale is all too common.  The trainers blame the sales teams or ask for more time to prove it works, and the executives start doubting that social media can make a dent in the plan. In all this finger pointing, a simple fallacy exists: Training a sales team should NOT be confused with a social selling program.  Without proper strategy, content creation and program nurture, businesses might as well save the money they would spend on a training course for sales. It is like giving someone a map but no car and asking them to take a 1,000 mile trip.


It really is not a matter of underfunding that dooms most social selling endeavors. It is a matter of investing the wrong amounts in the wrong areas. Creating a solid social selling plan doesn’t have to break the bank to be complete either.  However, it may take more than what the social selling training industry says it does.




This is just one of the social selling mistakes we will be discussing in our upcoming webinar with the Get LinkedIn Help team. Join Thought Horizon CEO Sander Biehn and join in the conversation.




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