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Does Your Social Media Toolbox Include Your Sales Team?

By Sander Biehn | Jun 30, 2015

Social Media is about people, and it’s about connecting. It’s about easily sharing information that is useful and thought provoking. Today, B2B companies are using at least 1 social media channel to engage with customers. Because of this, hundreds (maybe thousands) of tools to make social media easier and more productive have sprouted thanks to high-tech entrepreneurs from coast to coast.

What’s in Your Social Media Toolbox?

Tools like Hootsuite help you increase productivity… and SalesLoft which helps you use LinkedIn to identify leads… and Pardot which helps you track and measure your content. There is a tool for everything on Social Media.

Your company is likely using several social media tools as part of your social media strategy; however, you may have overlooked one of the most powerful social media tools at your disposal. Your sales force.

Arm Sales with Social and Social with Sales

Sales is social by nature; it’s how your company interacts with prospects and customers. By arming your sales team with the skills to use social media in a way that aligns with your social media strategy, you can vastly expand your marketing reach and increase your sales efficiency.

Using your existing sales team to amplify your social messaging in a way that has been proven to boost revenues is a no-brainer. And you don’t even need to increase your budget.  We have seen double digit increases in sales productivity after a social selling program has been introduced.

Before you run down the hall to implement all of this,

Here are a few ways you can leverage your sales team to improve your social media marketing:

1. Micro-Content. Have your marketing team work with Sales to generate micro-content. Let’s imagine your sales team is targeting healthcare technology companies. Create some blogs focused specifically on the needs of healthtech, then hand the posts to your sales team, and let them do the rest.

2. Impressions. Extend your social media reach. Encourage and incentivize your sales teams to retweet and share your marketing content. Until now, your brand’s reach has been limited to the number of followers it has. You can expand that reach by getting your sales team to help share that content within their own networks — and if sales is using social media right, their networks should be exactly the people you want your content to reach — leads and customers.

3. Digital Evangelists. Your company might have a dedicated interactive team designated to manage your brand’s online profiles, to interact with customers, to solve customer problems, and to provide customer service. Why not encourage your sales team to do some of this too? In our experience, we’ve found when sales responds to customer issues on social, it provides greater measurable customer satisfaction for 2 reasons:  1) a real person (not a brand) is responding to the problem, and 2) The sales person has the incentive necessary to see the issue through all the way to resolution.

4. Sales Momentum. Utilizing your sales team for social will generate a lot of energy. We’ve seen that when our clients use sales to boost their social media, it creates an infectious energy within the sales team that results in even more energy and engagement. Sales teams using social media to engage customers tend to be more engaged themselves and therefore more successful.

If you aren’t using your sales team as part of your social media tool kit, you’re missing out on a powerful and dynamic resource. It’s a low-risk, high-reward strategy. It isn’t costly or difficult to implement either. It all starts by asking, what’s in your social media toolbox today? If the sales team is not central in the strategy, it needs to be.

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