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Ghost Town: Are you making this mistake with your B2B LinkedIn Showcase Page?

By Sander Biehn | Oct 16, 2015

Gates eerily swing in the breeze. A crow rests on top of saloon sign. This isn’t a Nevada boomtown, it’s your company’s LinkedIn Showcase page. You shell out marketing dollars every month to blast content to a stagnant group of followers who never seem to listen or engage.  On cue, a kind note from LinkedIn pops into your inbox. They suggest you promote a post or two to get more eyeballs on the posts.  Worried for your job, you pull out the P-Card.

Maybe there is a better way to get more attention from your target market. Perhaps it isn’t a matter of spending more money.  If only there was a group of people who cared about your brand who could help share the content and conversation you hope to have on that LinkedIn page. Here is some good news. These folks do exist. In fact, they sit down the hall. They are your sales team. They rely on marketing messages being read to drive leads and feed their families. Why not enlist their help to make LinkedIn work for both of you?

Driving Real ROI

By letting sales know about the LinkedIn Showcase page and asking them to follow and connect, magical things happen. To begin with, they are a second (and third and fourth) set of eyeballs on the page.  They not only read the content, they comment on it, share it and they can help respond to comments and questions from prospects when they start rolling in. Responding to comments as a brand can be tricky even if your marketing team has a way to reply and give a name with your corporate handle. Trust increases when sales people reach out to address questions and comments online.

Industry Relevance

LinkedIn is fond of boasting about the power of ‘second connections’ (people connected to our connections). Through this principle, views of your posted content can grow exponentially when content is shared by an entire sales force. Additionally, when promoting content through the sales force, views aren’t solely reliant on your company’s LinkedIn followers. Followers look great on paper, but followers matter very little if they are not relevant to your topic. Your sales team’s connections are your business’s ultimate list of relevant followers.

Training the Sales Force

According to LinkedIn over 70% of sales people are already engaged in some sort of social selling today.  They don’t need a social selling course as much as they need something to talk about online. I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t train them on best practices, but by giving them a treasure trove of content on LinkedIn that they can share, you are helping them to sell using social media—especially if your marketing content is credible and customer ready.

If your Premium Page is a ghost town. Don’t despair. You are not alone. The throngs will be back if you enlist help from outside of marketing. Why a 300% Increase in Branded B2B Content Isn’t Attracting More Engagement.