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Don’t Fit in Online

By Sander Biehn | Dec 18, 2015

People buy from people they know.

So why are you camouflaging who you are online?

That’s what you are doing when you use tired social media tactics and try to fit in with other marketers. Forget about fitting in.

Doing it your way requires just two things of you.

First, the willingness to be wrong.  Doing poor work is never an excuse, but trying something different has built-in advantages.  Regardless of the outcome, you learn something.

Maybe your new idea needs to be tweaked. Maybe it should be thrown on the scrap heap.

Maybe, it will hit big.

Second, it requires you to be yourself. We all have seen marketing and sales tactics that look novel but fall flat somehow.

That is someone trying to be different, but not being themselves.

Whether you are building a way to address a new market, or you are a sales person trying to make quota, it’s time to be different. Unless you prefer to slog it out with the countless other voices doing things the same old way.