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Each Buyer Has Her Own Story

By Sander Biehn | Dec 28, 2015

Speaking in generalities about a buyer yields watered down marketing and sales results.  You need to know your buyer’s journey.

But have you ever done any serious people-watching? If you have, then you know you don’t waste time counting how many people are entering one store versus another. You don’t average how long people are staring at a single page on a computer screen or newspaper. 

You watch individuals.

You get involved in their story.

You wonder what they are having difficulty with at the moment.

More than anything else you get to thinking how you could help them. You may even have the urge to offer directions or to hold a shopping bag for a parent who is strapping a child into a seat on the back of a bike. 

If you want to market or sell to people you need to know each one of those people. Not statistically, but for real. This isn’t about focus groups either. It is about taking the time to watch and listen to people online who you can help.

One at a time.

Don’t skip this step.

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