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Timely vs On-Time

By Sander Biehn | Jan 25, 2016

When producing online content, we often get caught up with deadlines. But meeting these deadlines really doesn’t help us or our prospects to succeed. Being omni-present on social media 5 days a week can win you the prize for being on-time. But you may fall down on being timely.  

First, you may miss that one response that happens when you aren’t normally engaged.

Or, you may start a conversation online, yet fall short in finishing it in the time you allotted to social media.

By being a slave to an online content calendar, you easily miss the cry for help from your customers in your haste to post the next week’s clever tweets.

There is a choice to make here.  In order to be timely you sometimes need to take extra time to let conversations happen.  You need to relax and consider how to reply or ponder what questions need answering.  You need to slow down. And this has a direct impact on your ability to keep up with the treadmill and pumping out your own online messages. 

Many social media tools are geared toward keeping you on-time.  But what about your timeliness?

It is a choice.  Where should you spend your time? Check out what the brands you admire most are doing and take your pick.