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Four Things to Consider before Considering a LinkedIn Promotions Campaign

By Sander Biehn | Feb 23, 2016

We were skeptical about promoting content on LinkedIn. After all, Thought Horizon helps our customers find markets using the Sales team—a highly personal touch.  What were we doing messing around with automated posts?

After some debate, we went in with an open mind.  We agreed we’d try to learn from it rather than insisting our investment light the world on fire.  This made all the difference and we won big. We learned volumes about our market and what our customers wanted to read.

So many enterprises with big marketing budgets see promotions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Google AdWords as a necessary evil. Those with smaller budgets worry about an ROI. LinkedIn knows about their angst. They heavily market promoted posts as a way to increase leads using social media. But you are set up for failure unless you know a fair amount about inbound lead gen and landing pages.

“The truth: promotions alone will not give you leads.”

Instead, we found success by packing the following 4 items before we headed out on the promotions trail:

1) Know your altruistic purpose.

You are going to be producing content and it needs to have a value to your customers and target audience. Your reason for offering thought leadership had better fit your clients’ needs and desires and it better be consistently on-topic. Leave the general ‘good business’ blogging to the folks at HBR. Give freely what you know.

2) Have some stamina.

Don’t spend your last marketing dollar on promotions. You will need to be promoting for months in order to reap the real benefits. Get a critical mass of marketing dollars together to do promotions. You are better off waiting to start promoting when you have the money to make an impact than to try to manufacture results on a very limited budget. You don’t need a lot of money, but you do need consistent amounts to spend over several months.

3) Choose to become smarter, regardless

Go into promotions looking to learn. Learn about your market, your customers, your content and yourself. If you pay attention to the analytics you get from LinkedIn you will get a good look in the mirror.  You’ll know how the market perceives you and your marketing. Ignoring the lessons you could be learning diminishes the ROI of using promotions.

4) Finding leads takes more than money, content and a LinkedIn page.

Here is the no-brainer of the century. You cannot replace salespeople with promotions dollars. Think of promotions as one touch point of the many that must take place to make a sale.  If promotions can help sales make additional connections with prospects, then sales acceleration is achieved. You will see it in the close-ratios and the lead generation efforts of your sales team in your CRM.

By managing your expectations you can find adequate ROI in promotions. Knowing that promotions are just one tool to drive credibility and sales acceleration will keep you centered as you go.

Have you made the jump like we did? How did it work out? Can you say you won big? If so, why?