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Social Media for B2B Sales

You Can’t Eat (Social) Strategy

By Sander Biehn | May 16, 2016

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How do you make a strategy come alive for a large enterprise?  Social media marketing and sales experts agree that having a strategy is key to determining success when implementing a plan.  How can an Enterprise be sure that strategy will catch on?  Sales and Marketing teams need some structure to hold a vision together. They need a rallying point that will measure success and remind them what they need to do.


In the rush to think strategically, creating a focal point for marketers and sales people is often a missed step. Instead, we look for silver bullets to keep the two teams on track. These often include ‘get the CEO on board.’


I have some real-life experience with this. To begin with, it’s not easy to get a CEO to be vocal with her team about social media and social selling.  More importantly, it doesn’t always work.  Even when a CEO wants to see social selling adopted, the message can become blurred by the myriad of tactics available to Marketing and Sales.  Does having a strategy mean developing a robust content calendar? Social selling training? What? Regardless of the over-arching strategy desired, the execution comes down to a few tactics implemented in a half-hearted manner.


This is why a software tool that engages all aspects of B2B corporate social media functions is critical to success. While no single tool can implement an entire strategy, it can keep teams focused on the goals of social media transformation. Here’s how:


1. Sales:

Giving the sales team a tool that makes social selling easy is critical to success. Encouraging teams to regularly log in and share content through a corporate social selling portal does two things. It reduces the time needed for social selling. And it makes it possible to measure whether sales teams are using social media to sell and what content they prefer.


2. Marketing:

Creating meaningful content for Sales is the role that Marketing plays in any social media strategy. Regardless of what is created, the impact of each piece must be measured by the popularity it has with the sales teams and with customers. Social selling tools organize and measure the content that Marketing is producing. Keeping content customer-focused is the strategy. Social selling tools make sure the content is on track and performing.


Go ahead! Define your strategy. Bring in a big name consultant or come up with your own strategy with your team on a day long workshop. Whatever you decided to do, don’t expect the strategy to implement itself. It will take much more than a PowerPoint deck and a list of guidelines for Marketing and Sales. You will need to glue your ideas together with a tool that will measure the success of your content and social selling practices.


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