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Social Selling and Enterprise Software

By Sander Biehn | Jun 1, 2016

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Sales teams need to find social tools that save time when using social media to sell.

Finding the time to log into multiple social media platforms to interact and post is a top concern for sales VPs and reps alike. Backlash against sales teams spending all day on LinkedIn and Twitter is happening and not without merit.

Time is a limited resource.
Complex solution sales cannot happen without in-depth conversations with customers.  That generally means phone conversations and private email exchanges.
At the same time, no sales professional will deny that social media is becoming more important for their Enterprise buyers. The buying process has changed; however, that has left sales teams more nervous than ever. How can Sales easily get involved in social media without risking a huge investment in time to learn this new approach?
Finding a tool is crucial for sales.  Salespeople require some automation when learning to sell using social media.  Here are the things to look for in a social sharing tool that can help sellers leverage social media with their customers.

1. Sales wants a tool they can log into just a couple of times a week to do their social sharing. They want to compartmentalize social selling so it does not consume their day.

2. The right content. They want the tool to serve them the content they will want to share with prospects on social media. They have no time to hunt down articles and ideas to share.

3. Make them look smart. They want the tool to suggest what they should say. Sales people don’t have time to compose the perfect tweet. They want a template they can customize to make it relevant for their customers over social media.

4. Sales teams need to know whether their efforts are making a difference. They want to see when something they shared was liked or read by prospects. Measuring these social touch points is critical to how a sales person decides the next move with that prospect.

B2B content marketing relies on the sales force to distribute the messages to likely buyers. It needs to be a two-way street. Sales will never take their eyes off of traditional methods of winning customers without a viable alternative. Asking them to adopt social selling has led to distraction and disastrous results that have left sales leaders gun-shy of social selling.

Using sharing tools that cover these concerns can make a major difference in the adoption of new selling methods that produce real sales results.  


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