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Social Media for B2B Sales

A Smarter B2B Social Sharing Tool

By Sander Biehn | Jun 6, 2016

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Trying to get a Sales team to pivot toward using a social media approach can be tough. What they bring in enthusiasm is quickly eroded by the learning curve of using multiple social platforms to post content for clients and prospects.  A social selling content sharing tool is critical to the success of any social selling program.


We learned this lesson early on with one of our first customers. Social selling was going to be a slam dunk.  Or so we thought. The sales leaders were on board and the sales teams couldn’t wait to get started.  That was until we got done with the training and asked them to ‘go sell’ using social media.


We flew to Chicago every other week to monitor progress with the sales team. What I heard was surprising. While the sales teams were excited about the new approach, they were looking for a resource to make this easier. They wanted a team of specialists to do the social selling and let them do the traditional selling.


What I learned was we needed to create a way to make social sharing easier. Even though Employee Advocacy tools were plentiful on the market, most did not focus on the needs of b2b sellers. Furthermore, none of these tools offered a way to build content lists that sales could share with customers.  The sales teams needed targeted content that was industry specific. Meanwhile, I was providing all the functionality of a tool plus the content services ‘by hand’ using weekly emails and a fair share of blood, sweat and tears.


We fruitlessly searched for a tool to help us do this more efficiently.  About 8 months ago, it became clear that if we wanted it done right we’d have to build our own tool.  Initially our creation was utilitarian and rough. However, the beauty of it was that the tool instantly made us more productive.    We took our time and refined our process and the functionality of the tool. We grew the tool intelligently and with customers’ needs in mind.


We called the tool “ReadyForSocial.” It is a dynamic content distribution hub that makes it easy for sales to share content and for marketing to measure the success of content marketing using the hard CRM sales results posted by the sales team.


ReadyForSocial™ is now ready for prime time.


We are offering it to new clients with each of our new engagements. Coupled with our services, it gives a powerful way for companies to enable sales with targeted marketing messages and to measure the effects of social selling.


We’re looking forward to getting direct input from corporate sellers and marketers to make it even more useful. Our goal is to drive sales adoption and to see our tool used heavily by marketing. Whether we are executing on the creation and posting of content or not, ReadyForSocial helps clients of all sizes simplify and streamline social selling. Used in conjunction with our social selling training and micro-content marketing™, Ready For Social can help quickly pivot any sales organization looking to leverage social media.


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