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Social Media for B2B Sales

Welcome to the Future of Social Selling – Thought Horizon

By Sander Biehn | Jun 13, 2016

Sales and Marketing together at last. Perfect harmony. This is the lofty aim of social selling.  While we may not be there yet, we are one step closer today.

The ReadyForSocial content distribution tool was recently released by Thought Horizon. Big deal, another B2B social selling tool, right? No way, here’s why this tool will fundamentally change the landscape for b2b marketing and sales teams looking to pivot to a more social approach.


It’s the most precious thing any salesperson possesses. It’s also the major reason sales people don’t want to get involved with social selling even though they know their prospects are on social media. Sales people figure that if it takes longer to learn how to use social media to sell, it may still be better to use other methods even if they are far less effective.

ReadyForSocial changes all that. It allows sales people to spend a set and regulated amount of time each week to stay active on social media.  Selling on social no longer needs to take all day to log into various systems, and decide what content should be shared.

Finding the right words

Sales people are inherently interested in people. Often they are not huge fans of written words. Besides, it’s usually Marketing that handles messaging and product descriptions for the sales team. Social media heavily focuses on writing skills which makes it less friendly to the average salesperson. Asking salespeople to suddenly become marketers with silver pens is just unrealistic.

Ready For Social gives Marketers the ability to craft the messages that Sales will use on social media. It makes it easy for salespeople to quickly share well-worded messages with prospects without a trace of writer’s block.

Proof that it works

Salespeople can get antsy especially with a large quota on the line. They don’t have time to experiment with new methods to see if they are effective. They’d rather stick with the tried and true. Or else they need to know immediately if a new tactic is working or not so they can make the necessary changes to make the plan and keep a robust funnel

ReadyForSocial measures immediate results of social sharing. Analytics can be married with CRM data to provide proof that social selling is improving sales results.  It will show exactly how big of a jump social selling is giving the sales force.

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s talk about your sales and marketing efforts and see how ReadyForSocial can help your team thrive in the new world of sales.


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