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Gaining an Audience: The Role of People in Content Marketing and Social Media

By Sander Biehn | Jul 5, 2016

Taking time to post consistently on social media is the fastest way to build an audience. Using the latest social sharing tools makes this easy for busy sales and marketing professionals. However, this step is often overlooked by B2B brands.

After the blogs are written, the website is updated and the money is spent on SEO, digital advertising and social media promotions it seems like you should be all set.

Yet studies consistently show that marketers are dissatisfied with their own content marketing.  The disconnect is that social media is inherently a tool about people, not brands. If you leave people out of the equation, content marketing can be like a tree falling in the woods with no one there to hear it: It doesn’t have any measurable impact.

There is hope! Remember that team on the seventh floor? They are your sales team. The sales team is paid to spread your messages and have a vested interest in distributing them to qualified buyers. Then there is your marketing team. What role might they play in spreading key messages to a target market? It may seem obvious that these groups can help you, but the question remains how?

Is there a simple way to activate these groups using their personal social media channels?

1) Give them all the content in one place to pick and choose from 

Busy sales and marketing teams don’t have time to troll through your website to find content to share. They need everything laid out simply in categories they can skim through fast—this includes relevant third party content. This is not ‘the great American novel’ and Sales people know that. They know they need to consistently share new thought leadership. They don’t have a lot of time do google searches and cut and paste URLs.

2) Make it easy for the teams to share your content 

A big blue ‘share’ button goes a long way toward getting sales teams to share your content. Having a calendar that enables them to share in the future is even better. You are going to get better results by asking teams to devote a day a week to schedule content sharing. Asking them to log in every day to look for new things to share wouldn’t help.  Finally, offer up so suggestions on what to post. The idea is not to create a ‘canned’ message that everyone will post. You need to inspire the teams to personalize a pre-approved social post. Make the proposed social copy editable.

3) Finally, be sure that the teams know sharing content is only half of the equation.

Be a thought leader is one thing, however no one likes a know-it-all.  Social Media is about people and relationships. When you post and never respond, like or engage with others you underestimate the power of social media.

-We know from experience that the quickest way to grow a following is by consistently posting content.  By using tools like Thought Horizon’s Ready For Social® tool or others on the market by companies such as Social Chorus, Everyone Social, Dynamic Signal or Sprinklr a B2B employee can move the needle on your content marketing aspirations.

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