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Reliable Techniques To Get More From Your Content Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Jul 11, 2016

Is your marketing team searching for a way to make your content live longer and reach more eyeballs? If you’re like most marketing managers, the answer is a clear YES.

The best way to accomplish this feat is to make it easy for your sales and marketing teams to share the content on their personal social media feeds.

You’ve taken the time to construct a campaign, create content, and edit to ensure it meets brand standards and voice. You’ve even pushed for enough budget to produce a short video.

Then you use everything in your toolkit to help this content do its best. But when you examine the impressions, the ROI is not quite what you expected.

This is the reason that companies are turning to social sharing and employee advocacy tools to extend content reach.  Content marketing can be vexing for B2B brands in particular.  Finding an extremely targeted group of buyers online can be elusive using normal digital channels and promotion techniques.

For example, suppose your target audience is operations managers at manufacturing firms. It can be expensive to limit search and promotions to that level of detail. So instead, marketers often try to broaden the reach, but that only dilutes results. Sooner or later the budget is eclipsed.

The true beauty of content marketing is that it can have a much longer shelf life than your digital or social media budget allows. Not only that, but Sales team are starving for content to share with customers. By sharing content, sales professionals perform several vital functions with buyers:

1) Increase touch points with prospects.

Research shows that b2b buyers need 6-8 touch points before they buy. Social media is an easy place to rack up these engagements. With more and more buyers using social media to learn about new solutions, it is an ideal place to reach them..

2) Become thought leaders.

Gaining online influence is a function of consistently sharing quality content. Becoming relevant on social media platforms is a means to an end for sales professionals wishing to get the attention of buyers.

3) Rejuvenate your content.

Your target buyers may or may not have seen your digital campaign. Having Sales share that content gives you a second, third and fourth chance.  Extending the life of your content drives greater ROI on the production for that content.

The biggest barrier to getting sales teams to share content has been lack of an easy way to find, post and engage on social media. Social advocacy tools like those produced by Rfactr, ReadyForSocial®, Social Chorus and Dynamic Signal a powerful tool for sales to share content.

These tools allow users find corporate content relevant to target markets and easily schedule personal social media sharing. Reusing content over personal social media is an excellent way to stretch your marketing budget.

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