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Social Media for B2B Sales

Reasons B2B Sales Pros Fail At Social Media – Thought Horizon

By Sander Biehn | Jul 22, 2016

Have you been wondering why your sales team hasn’t fully embraced social media yet? The way your buyers buy has changed, and there is a mountain of stats showing that social media helps sales remain effective.

So why is it that your sales team is still focusing on traditional methods to reach customers?

Sales traditional methods


After implementing social selling programs for many brands, here are the reasons we’ve found that keep sales people from becoming more active on social media:

a) It takes too much time

b) It is too hard to learn

c) Finding content to share is critical but too difficult

d) They are afraid of publicly saying the wrong thing on social media

A single tool that allows easy social media posting/sharing is critical to getting sales teams start using social selling. We know.

Using a social advocacy tool that allows easy social media posting/sharing can allay these fears and get sales teams to use social selling. Once they do, the results follow.

Here’s how our social advocacy tool ReadyForSocial® works to help sales people quickly and easily adopt social selling into their routine.

1) ReadyForSocial® gives sales people time back by making it easy for them to share content online. With the click of a single button users can share engaging content to their personal Twitter or LinkedIn handle. Sales teams can log in and schedule posts for the entire week. While they are out selling to prospects all day, content is bringing new leads into the funnel that they can follow up on later.

2) ReadyForSocial® is easy to learn. No need to get into the intricacies of shortening links, adding pictures and knowing how to use multiple social media platforms to share from. The tool is a one stop shop for sales and can be trained on in an hour or less.

3) Marketers upload the original and curated content they want to sales to share. The marketing team can even categorize the content so when sales logs in, they don’t have to comb through many posts to find something appropriate to share. They just subscribe to the topics want to share about and let the tool do the rest.

4) Marketers write the proposed social media copy for sales. Sales doesn’t have to think up something clever, short and legal-approved to say. They just need to customize the proposed post copy to make it fit their style. Having ideas to build from prevents writers-block for time-strapped sales professionals.

Social selling is a hot topic with B2B sellers everywhere. Influencers such as Jack kosakowski and Sales for Life continue to emphasize the importance of Social Selling.

If you ask any B2B salesperson, they will tell you they are already using social selling to one degree or another.. They will also say they wish they could leverage social media more than they do today. It is obvious that buyers have gone online and are far less likely to respond to traditional prospecting techniques. By addressing the concerns and fears that keep sales from making the jump to social selling, our tool can help them embrace these new techniques.

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