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Is Social Selling Still a Tough Sell?

By Sander Biehn | Sep 12, 2016

Back in March, I blogged about Social Selling being a tough sell for Marketing.  After all, it is Marketing dollars that pay for training and social selling.  Times change and new tools are forever coming on the market.

I wanted to revisit this questions. How might the use of a social sharing tool for sales help Marketing find the needed ROI to invest in training?  The major reasons that Marketers don’t want to pay for Sales to learn how to social sell identified in my previous blog were:

  • Who is accountable for making sure Sales uses the new methods?

  • How exactly will we measure the results of social selling?

  • Shouldn’t sales people already know how to sell using social or figure it out? How hard can it be to use LinkedIn anyway?

  • Marketers would rather have Sales concentrate on marketing priorities in their daily activities, rather than improving their abilities to network online.

By employing a social sharing tool, accountability for social selling can be easily achieved. Knowing whether and how much sales is sharing marketing content is simple. Marketers can monitor what types of posts sales wants to see and how those posts do on social channels. Is that new case study getting a plethora of shares, but no likes, clicks or comments? Marketing has a complete view.

Social sharing tools make it easy for Sales to share.  Almost all salespeople want to be social sellers. The top 3 reasons that stop them are lack of time, inability to find a following and not wanting to make a mistake. Social sharing tools address all three. Sales can schedule posts without ever logging into the native apps such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Social posting for a week can be done in 10 minutes or less. Marketing can suggest what to say in each post. This includes the insertion of relevant hashtags.  Hashtags make it easy for customers to find online content.  It helps Sales grow a following and sell.  Finally, suggested posts make it easy for Sales to always say the right thing. They can post as suggested or make a few customizations to the text. It makes social posting quick and easy.

Finally, Marketers are realizing that social selling is becoming more important than ever before. Social selling isn’t going away.  Capitalizing on the compression of sales and marketing on social media will require tools to keep everyone in sync.

It appears that the social sellingtough sellmay be getting easier for Marketing. Combining training and analytics with social sharing tools can drive the results that warrant investment in getting the sales team fluent in social media.