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Landing pages and social media marketing

How to Use Landing Pages to Supercharge your Social Media Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Oct 24, 2016

Landing pages play a surprisingly important role in any social media marketing campaign. Whether you are promoting your own content on your brand social media handles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc), or assisting the Sales team with distributing content, Landing Pages are critical.

Here’s why:  Landing Page provides proof that social sharing is working. Proof in the form of measured visits, clicks and leads! Not only does a landing page measure where the traffic is coming from, but it also tells you what the visitor did once they reach the Landing Page. Landing Pages afford an excellent opportunity to know exactly what you are getting from your social media efforts. Believe me, getting page views and click-through are lovely, but our clients are almost always looking for the leads–and includes a name, phone number, and email address.

Here are 2 mini case-studies that show how some of our clients are leveraging Landing Pages in their marketing:

1) Promoting the new product – One of our clients recently branded a new product and wished to promote it heavily online. But simply getting market awareness was not the goal. Our client wanted leads. For them, the use of social media marketing was in direct competition with money spent on trade-shows. It was a race to see which one produced more leads per dollar spent. Subsequently, we heavily used Landing Pages instead of webpages to run the campaign. This gave us the metrics to prove that social media was a worthwhile method to spread the word and get qualified leads.


-Harder hitting copy with a strong call to action gave visitors a reason to click through. Gathering names of interested prospects is the only purpose of Landing Pages and it is what they do best.

-By creating several Landing Pages we easily did A/B testing and determine which social media campaigns were driving the right visitors to the site.


We are now creating an AdWords campaign that will send organic web search traffic to these pages. AdWords can be tricky business—big dollars are at stake. Search visitors are almost always qualified, so there is no room for error. Landing Pages ensure these visitors convert to leads.

2) Personalizing the Sales Force on Social Media – After a recent social selling course we looked for feedback from the sales team. Adoption of Social Selling was weak and waning. We needed to turn it around. Sales informed us that they were sick of sharing content that directed prospects to a company webpage. Too often prospects were filling out the online form that handed them via marketing automation to another salesperson. We needed to come up with a way to direct social selling leads back to the originator.  Landing Pages was our solution!


-Individual Landing Pages built for the representative gives salespeople a way to capture the lead they generated. Instead of sending the prospect to a company page, they are sent to a page that includes the rep’s name and phone number. It even has a place to fill in a lead form that routes to the individual salesperson leads.

-A side benefit is that these leads provide a direct, correlated measurement of social selling. Who is doing the best at social selling is no longer a guess. The person with the most leads wins!

There are many creative ways to use Landing Pages. More and more landing pages are taking the place of webpages as Marketing and sales teams become more socially focused and are automating how they approach the marketplace.

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