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Is Social Selling for everyone

Is Social Selling For Everyone

By Sander Biehn | Dec 5, 2016

Social selling has a place in every salesperson’s daily rhythm. However, that place can vary greatly from salesperson to salesperson.

I worked for many years with two different sales people who were both super successful. The one was masterful over the phone and the other could write the most compelling emails you had ever read. Did that mean that they never used the medium they were weaker in? No. They both used email and phone just in different frequency.

Under this story lies an important lesson. Both sales people had access to a phone and corporate email account. Just because one of them used the phone less didn’t mean our manager decided to eliminate their access to it. Our boss also didn’t try to make us specialize in one communication medium over another. No one ever discussed having the best email writer do all of our emails and the best phone conversationalist make all the calls.

The same holds true for social selling. There is a place for social media as a medium in every salesperson’s day. For some it will play a large role, for others a smaller one. Here’s a glimpse at the 4 different types of social sellers and how they use social media to augment phone and email to sell:

1) All in Social Rock Star : These salespeople don’t even have their customer’s email addresses. They prefer to communicate via LinkedIn and Twitter. They share content and add top prospects handles to elicit direct response online. Appointments are set using DM’s on Twitter. These sales people talk to their clients about social media and aggressively ask them to join the social revolution.

Content Sharing Index: High

Direct Social Interactions with Prospects: High

2) Social First : These sellers use social media as a first point of contact in any exchange with a prospect regardless of where they are on in the funnel. Conversations that begin on social are seamlessly moved to phone or email on the second contact.  This group assumes others are as interested in social media as they are.

Content Sharing Index: High

Direct Social Interactions with Prospects: Medium

3) At Your Service : This group uses social only when and where their prospects ask them to. They will connect with prospects who are on social media, but will not openly interact with those prospects if they are not actively using it.

Content Sharing Index: Medium

Direct Social Interactions with Prospects: Low

4) Icing on the cake : These sales people are on social media regularly posting, but directly interact with prospects solely by phone or email no matter what.  They leverage calls and emails to open conversations.  Social media works in the background for them to influence buying behavior.

Content Sharing Index: Medium

Direct Social Interactions with Prospects: None

The two ace sales people from my office proved that there isn’t just one route to the top. It’s the same with the use of social media. Regardless of how social media is used by sales people, some degree of social media presence and content-sharing is as essential as using the phone or email in the Sale profession.

Reach out to us if you are planning to implement Social Selling.

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