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The 15-Minute Social Listening Workout

By Sander Biehn | Feb 8, 2017

Sander Biehn is founder and CEO of Thought Horizon, LLC. After a successful career in sales at AT&T, he founded his company in 2013 helping organizations to build, manage and succeed using social selling.

You know your prospects and clients are on social media but how can you efficiently and effectively find them. Many big brands use powerful social listening tools to find leads. Even if these tools can be leveraged at the individual level, does it justify their cost?

Social listening does not have to be this difficult.

Getting hung up on tools, reports and complicated playbooks is way too time-consuming for the average social seller anyway.

Here is my 15-minute workout (some assembly required) that will give you everything you need to find new prospects online and to begin interacting with buyers.

Some assembly required:

1. Get organized! You will need to build a Twitter list of the hottest prospects and buyers you are already following. The following flow chart will show you how to build a private list:

Twitter List












2. Get Navigator! LinkedIn Navigator is a FOR FEE service, but really makes it easy to search. LinkedIn limits search otherwise. Avoid the frustration and buck up for Navigator for a month or two to find a list of fresh prospects in LinkedIn.

3. Get Professional and Active! Image matters. Get your social media profiles looking ready for prospects to view. Get retweets from a red egg in Twitter is not helpful to buyer or seller.

You need to be actively sharing yourself if you want to be taken seriously. Get a plan and use a content sharing tool if you don’t have time to do daily curation that is relevant to your industry. Content can open doors.

The 15 Minute Workout :

Minutes 0-5 roll through your Twitter list and your LinkedIn feed

Make it a goal to ‘like’ 3 things and retweet 3 others.  Look for posts that have your network has retweeted and add those people to your twitter list. Your list will grow exponentially over the coming weeks.  Next, prioritize on anything your hot prospects are talking about. Make it a rule to respond with a question to those prospects online. Consider turning on mobile notifications for any hot prospect who is a regular contributor on Twitter.

Minutes 5-10 Connect with everyone you have met on LinkedIn

Look through your emails from clients and make sure you have connected to everyone you have met on LinkedIn. Send personalized requests to connect where possible (LinkedIn doesn’t always allow the personal touch).  Next, check out what content your prospects have shared under ‘recent activity’. Check out their groups and consider joining where appropriate. Pay attention to what conversations are going on in groups.

Ignore commonalities like school and location.

My experience has taught me that I can strike up conversations based on the ‘good old days’ at school, but it is very hard to turn those cold connections into productive business relationships. It is actually much easier to start with business conversations and then cement relationships with other commonalities.

Finally, as you roll through your LinkedIn feed, make it a point to ‘like’ ‘comment’ or respond to any appropriate business postings.

Minutes 10-15

Repeat the above exercise with prospects you mine from Navigator. Use search terms and job titles to find new faces to follow. Look for Twitter handles on the LinkedIn profile also.  Don’t try to connect on LinkedIn until you have had some interactions! Instead, look for ways to strike up a conversation based on what these individuals are doing online. Take it slow and seek to learn, not teach. It will take time, but, hey you have 15-minutes tomorrow (and the next day) to continue the conversation at the right pace.

Try this 15-minute workout and you will start seeing social selling results in a week or less! (Or your money back!!)

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