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Prospecting on Social Media is not a spectator sport

By Sander Biehn | Mar 2, 2017

Finding your next prospect using social media is one of the key reasons sales and marketing departments are drawn to using social media.

Here’s how it works:

1. Identify your buyer’s persona (industry, job-title, etc)

2. Use social media organic search and other online tools to find your buyers on the web

3. Reach out to these prospects, start conversations, and sell your products and services

4. Rinse and repeat

The biggest problem with this process is that even if you can find your prospects , you may not be any closer to connecting with them than when you started.

When I first started social selling this was my problem exactly. I knew whom I wanted to connect with, but I had no idea how to get their attention on social media.

Then, I learned the power of content and personal content marketing. Content is the currency of social media influence, and influence is a fascinating word. When you possess influence, relevant people – buyers – become attracted to you. Sales transforms from an outbound numbers game to a much easier inbound conversation with pre-qualified buyers.

So, while social sellers should try to find prospects and grow social networks, there is other equally (if not more important) work to be done.

Here are the steps to creating an effective inbound prospecting campaign for any social seller:

1. Get Company Content : This means putting your marketing team to work. Let them know you need weekly content that explains why your products and services are different and better than your competition

2. Get Third Party Content : Talking about yourself all the time is not going to win you influence in the market. You need to be proving your prowess as an influencer by keeping your followers up-to-date on what is shaping future decisions in your industry

3. Say Something Intelligent : Just pushing content to the world is not enough. You need to say something relevant and interesting about the posts you’re sharing. Are you asking enough questions to make it easy for your network to interact with you? Have you taken the time to respond to anyone who has liked, shared or responded to your post? All of this is critical to your success as an influencer

4. Get Consistent : Find a way to post your content on a regular basis. No weeks off and no excuses. No one is going to take you seriously as an influencer if you are not on top of your social media each and every week

Prospecting using social media is best done using content. While social listening tools can put you in touch with other influencers they will never make you an influencer. That is up to you and the powerful content that you share.

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