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Putting Social First– Our 2017 Marketing Plan

By Sander Biehn | Mar 20, 2017

I was so impressed by our 2017 marketing plan; I’ve decided to post it online in this blog! While this may be a big tip-off to our competition, I think by publishing it, others can benefit from our thinking and experience.

Strategy #1: We can’t do everything. While we’d love to invest in a myriad of marketing channels, the reality is we aren’t made of money and we cannot execute on everything at once. We need to limit our planning to a handful of initiatives.

Strategy #2: Create leads! We decided that no matter what we  invest in, it needs to generate new leads for our sales team.

The Shortlist: Our shortlist of potential areas to spend in were as follows,

1. Brand Awareness

2. Thought Leadership

3. Content Marketing

4. SEO

5. Online Display Marketing

6. Social Selling

7. Company Website

8. Conferences / Trade Shows

9. Social Media Marketing / Social Search Marketing

10. Media Relations / Print

While each of the shortlisted areas gives us some market advantage, we tried to look at each through the lens of our two strategies. After further brainstorming, we decided to pursue just three areas:

Content Marketing

We are doubling down on content in 2017. We plan to aggressively blog and create other content that our team can share and that will create interest in our company.

Social Selling

We are using the social selling program we sell to customers including our proprietary tool, to accelerate leads and sales – ReadyForSocial

Conferences / Trade Shows

This may seem old-school, but really it isn’t. We are placing a premium on using social media to create new leads from the pool of conference-goers. This worked well for us in 2016 and we are hoping to drive even more appointments and calls before the conferences we plan to attend.

As you can see, each of these initiatives gives us the ability to tangibly drive leads. While online, SEO and brand awareness might change the game for us, they don’t necessary provide any concrete ways for us to increase revenues.

Our Bonus Initiative:

On top of the above 3, we also decided to revamp our website. I know I know it seems like that is all we do as marketers. Were we just trying to keep up with the Jones? How important is a fresh-looking website anyway?

Our website refresh was based neither on ‘competition’ or ‘freshness.’ Instead, it came down to our key strategies once more. Our website was not designed to drive leads nor does it have the capability to collect information on interested visitors. In other words, our website revamp was all about assisting us to drive leads from our 3 marketing initiatives.