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Importance of Content Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Jun 4, 2017

Where’s the frontier of content marketing in 2017? Listening to the experts, it is clearly in connecting longer-form content to the right audience.  This is according to Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Recently he discussed his most recent project, Medium, with General Electric CMO Linda Boff on her Marketing Decoded podcast.

Williams reveals that despite the power that Twitter wields in pointing us to content we want to discover, finding relevant content online is still extremely difficult. Ev likens it to the era of 100+ plus channel cable-TV subscriptions. With so much to look at it, it is hard to use our time wisely when searching for the content we want

What makes matters worse, we don’t always want the same thing. Sometimes we are looking to ‘snack’ on content and other times we want a nutritious meal. Likewise, sometimes we want to consume content contrary to our beliefs to test our thinking. Amazingly, sometimes we want to change our minds.

This leaves an enormous opportunity for content to flow better to an audience.  It isn’t just a matter of being able to browse, we want to browse intelligently. We all want better content and many marketers complain that their online content isn’t viewed enough by the right audience. Are we poised for a ‘content revolution?’

Our experience has shown that many people turn to ‘curators’ to get the content mix they want. We all know somebody in our personal social network who seems to always have their pulse on the latest and greatest content that we find irresistible. Instead of trying to figure out ‘how they do it,’ we simply plug into an expert curator’s newsfeed.

This is the true power of Influence Marketing in 2017. If brands can be compelling enough to reach influencers, an audience will appear…and products will be sold! Curators are at the heart of the new ecosystem.  What we all need is more curators to help show us the way to the content we want to consume. After all, curation drives content consumption. More importantly, curation drives better efficiency in moving content to the right audiences.

This leaves us with the problem of getting more people to actively share on social media so that content can be better appreciated. Why doesn’t everyone share more on social? We know that answer already:

1. Lack of time to spend on social media

2. Worries around saying the wrong thing

3. Writer’s block

Thought Horizon’s goal is to eliminate these concerns. We want to give an authentic voice to all social users and allow them to consistently speak with their networks about what interests them most.

We spend time to learn what is important to each user. We leverage technology to create a personalized social feed that includes content worth sharing.  We work tirelessly to give each user a unique feed and a point of view on the content that is being shared.

Like Ev, we agree that the problem isn’t too much content, but rather not enough relevant content.  Finding ways to make the flow of content more efficient may be a matter of unlocking our voices on social media.

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