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Social Selling Can Kick-Start Your Career

By Sander Biehn | Aug 2, 2017

Even winning sales people can feel undervalued. Shhhhh! Here’s a secret: The key to a truly rewarding career is to post more than just results. Finding novel ways to sell is as important to your career as the quota you wrestle to the ground. Social selling definitely has the chops to become part of that balanced breakfast!

I know all about career stalls. I faced an epic roadblock 22 years into my Sales career with AT&T. My success wasn’t getting me noticed and I needed to hit the ‘reset’ button. By actively participating in social media, I found myself in the extreme minority with my peers. By actively looking to tie my success to social media, I was gaining an enormous advantage over them. I was able to explain to my boss why I was successful in selling our products.

I once had a VP tell me at AT&T that he didn’t care how often a seller had been to Presidents Club because it didn’t mean anything. He told me that everyone was sooner or later going to have a good year. Stellar results in any given year were a numbers game, an inevitable ebb, and flow. Armed with statistics and examples of social media examples, I was able to prove otherwise.  And having this knowledge gave me something else: empowerment.

When you are feeling unappreciated, nothing is worse than a lack of self-esteem. Empowered by understanding my destiny better than my cube-mates was a huge step forward. But that was only the beginning. Shhhhhhh!! I have one more secret to tell you: Social Media builds your personal brand and makes you more valuable to your employer. Being known online has changed the fortune of many internet stars. But becoming well-known is hard. This is true unless you are trying to be well-known in a very small niche. Sometimes owning a small piece of the internet is insanely easy. Social selling to a very specific audience can make that happen quickly.

When I started posting regularly on LinkedIn and Twitter about industry topics, I watched my follower base soar. Strangers were quite literally coming to me for advice. With new-found online fame came new opportunities both in the office and elsewhere. I could sense my importance and level of respect increasing around the office. My real world started to follow my online world. New opportunities started falling from the sky like raindrops in April. While my employer was paying for my time spent on social media, my social fame tide was lifting all ships. My reputation helped my company’s reputation. I helped AT&T by giving them a sense of being innovative because of what I was doing.

Go ahead and share the secret of how social selling can help you scale the corporate ladder. Better yet, use social selling and watch what it does for your own career.


Donna Jean Duncan · September 27, 2017 at 3:51 pm

Great article

Saskia Jansson · December 22, 2017 at 5:29 am

I love your writing style and the topic is a real-life masterpiece shared. Thanks a bunch Sander.
Happy Xmas and a smashing 2018!

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