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How to Keep Writer’s Block at Bay

By Sander Biehn | Aug 16, 2017

Oh, snap! Time to blog again and your mind goes blank. The commitment your company has made to regular content marketing is quickly falling by the wayside. All because you can’t find the words to put on a page about your core business strategies.

Don’t let writer’s block doom you. The words are there if you take your time. Here’s how:

  1. Remember how much better you are at this than anyone else. Most marketers have mowed through a cadre of professional bloggers before finding that it is SO much easier to do it yourself. The sheer effort of trading versions back and forth while trying to impart decades of market experience on a marketing writer is tiresome. So, start your blogging time knowing that by writing these things yourself you are going the smartest and fastest route possible.
  2. Start with the ideas and fill in the details. Don’t ever, EVER stare at a blank page. Do some searches on topics and cut and paste a few first paragraphs into your doc. Use this as a basis to start your writing. Don’t feel bad about it either! You know what they say, if you take one other person’s work and use it, it’s stealing BUT if you take 3 or more other’s work and use it, it’s research. Take a look at any Daniel Pink or Malcolm Gladwell book! They are really just a mash up of others basic work and stories.
  3. Use your own voice before using others. I know, I know…the marketing guidelines want a specific brand tone and feel for all the blogs. But it’s darn near impossible to write like someone else before you master how to write like yourself. I don’t mean to get all Zen on you, but be yourself first and foremost Young Grasshopper.
  4. Find the right time and space to blog in. Don’t force it. Create deadlines, but find the quiet edges of your day to create content in. Be open to the fact that when you are in “the zone” blogs will drip like honey. This could mean that you drop everything when the spirit moves you also. If you start getting ideas, put them on paper. It will make the process FAR less painless.

Thanks for listening. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to get going. I have a lot of content to write for my own content marketing.

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