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Content Advice You Should Never Listen to! Don’t Make that Horse Head Video!

By Sander Biehn | Aug 23, 2017

You need to think very carefully about winging off videos for your content marketing. Sorry, you’re no Gary Vee! Gary is the seminal social media maven who has been putting out video blogs on the streets of NYC or from his offices by the scores for years now. He somehow pulls it off, but he is a rare genius at this.

However, his popularity has led to many people trying to emulate his success. Everywhere it seems marketers and businesses are being told that videos don’t need to look professional. The thinking is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to begin content marketing with video.  I am not saying you need to spend a fortune on video production, but if you don’t spend a certain threshold you’re going to end up looking rather silly.

My data point on this was the day we decided to create an unscripted video for Thought Horizon.  You’ll never see it. We scrapped it at the last minute and I am extremely glad we did. It involved me ranting about social selling and my VP of Ops wearing a rubber horse head mask. Sure, it was funny.  Sure, it was raw.  But it was so far from professional that we should have never attempted it. If it wasn’t for our wives asking us to sleep on it and consider whether we should post it in the morning, we might have really embarrassed ourselves.

Video production is certainly not cheap and nor should it be. Professional cameras, lighting, sound, and post-production needs to be way more than your smartphone and iMovie. I am not recommending any one particular video creation house, but there are plenty to choose from at various budgets. Use a reputable one that can show you what sorts of things they have done for brands like yours in the past.

If you find yourself with a rubber Halloween mask and dashing off a script to rival something by Gary Vee’s, my advice to you is to stop in your tracks. Do you really want to damage your brand, no matter how fledgling it is, with something that screams out that you just didn’t care to do a good job?

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