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Don’t Blame Technology for The Loss of Authenticity

By Sander Biehn | Aug 30, 2017

Question: If your social media feed is full of messages that others consider to be spam, whose fault is that?

Too often those of us in the Social Selling business are told that technology is ruining the ability for people to make and maintain meaningful online relationships. I just cannot agree. While many prefer to blame technology for much of the world’s woes, the fact is that technology has brought us untold freedoms and efficiencies.

The same holds true for business and sales relationships. Email and phone calls are being marginally replaced by online conversations. And the biggest problem that we hear about from salespeople is that they feel trapped and unable to leverage social media because they just don’t have the time. But once automation is introduced, the naysayers are back at it again.

So, how do we leverage technology and make certain it will not ruin our online reputations? As it turns out, the power is with you all along. Read on:

1) Stay on topic : Creating an engaging social feed is as much an art as a science. One thing is for sure, you need to carve out a niche and stay there at least 80% of the time. If you want to be known for something, decide what that is in advance or run the risk of having an online curator bot make you look silly.

2) Make it about your audience : Self-aggrandizing didn’t work on emails and it won’t work inside of social. If your feed is a laundry list of your offers and your benefits and your successes you will quickly have your audience tuning out. The good news is that by simply focusing on the needs of your customers and prospects it is insanely simple to figure out what to say. Social media happens in the moment and many moments are missed online. Your audience will forgive you for filling the feed with useful ideas if they see your focus is on helping others.

3) Be an individual : Having some generic posts generated by machine is ok. In fact, most successful social sellers get online help from technology and automation. But, if your feed begins to look exactly like your cube-mates, you may have a problem. Seeing similar feeds is a huge red-flag for authenticity and it must be avoided at all costs. This doesn’t mean that technology cannot help. It does mean you need the right technology not only to keep your feed distinctive but also to match your tone and voice (not your company’s).

Technology has made it easier than ever for sales to bridge the gap into social media.  However, even the efficiencies granted by social media technology need to be properly implemented to avoid a deadly dose of inauthenticity.


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