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3 Reasons Content is Going Mainstream in Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Sep 6, 2017

Content Marketing seems to just get more and more important every day. What started with a major rebirth in the digital space about 10-15 years ago, has blossomed into something even bigger. Distribution via social media has had a lot to do with it. So, even if your marketing department hasn’t latched onto the need to create consistent, engaging and helpful content, here are three fundamental reasons to get after it right now.

  1. Content Marketing May Be Your Last Hope

With the closure of so many other formerly viable marketing channels, content marketing is looking like one of the last methods standing to reach an increasingly fickle business buyer. Seminars and webinars have all but bitten the dust and conferences play a bigger role in networking and awareness than in marketing/selling these days. So, it isn’t that content marketing has gotten any better at generating leads and conversations, it’s just that it is one of the few remaining that work in B2B.

  1. Content Marketing Distribution Has Soared with Social Sharing

In the old digital marketing days, content marketers had a hard job finding an audience. Buying lists or getting posted on respected industry websites was expensive and hard. Next, SEO hit the scene and promised to be a godsend for marketers. In the end, Google went public and almost everyone else ended up with a lighter wallet and nothing else. But along came social media to democratize everything. Finding an audience became secondary because of the ability to target content down to individual buyers using social networks. A sales person with a solid network of buyers has become invaluable to content marketers. As social continues to mature and proliferate for business, this trend will do nothing but expand.

  1. More Ways to Measure the Impact

Marketers love to measure impact and this has always been a sticking point for content marketing. Getting form fills from a blog-like landing page has been tantalizingly out of reach for content marketing. This is starting to change.  From creating content marketing hubs that build communities, to relying on ‘influencers’ to capture leads and traction, there are a lot of new ideas that don’t rely on forms that never get filled.

I hope I’ve convinced you to get busy on that content plan that has been sitting under the stack of files for the past 3 months. You’ll be glad you did. Content is still the king right now, maybe more so than ever before.

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