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Time: Friend or Foe for the Social Seller?

By Sander Biehn | Sep 20, 2017

So, what’s the top objection to social selling raised by salespeople?  Why aren’t they turning to social media to accelerate selling? Not enough time.

I have felt the burn. When I began in social selling I was so busy writing, finding content, figuring out how to position it with clients and scheduling it to post that I started to run behind on the basics: calls, emails, and customer visits.

In fact, if I had been in my boss’ shoes, I would have coached me to stop doing social media. But I am glad I didn’t. Because by doing everything in social media manually, I was able to learn what worked when it came to social selling. Hopefully, the below list of dos and don’ts will help you get on the right track from the beginning, so you can avoid my learning curve.

Warning: you may need help from Marketing to get on the right path, so be ready to make the ‘sale’ about why social selling.

In order to be efficient with social media:

Do schedule finite and small blocks of time weekly to go on social media and interact with your network. Social selling is not a full-time job.

Don’t forget to connect with every contact you meet. Look through your email inbox each week and reach out to anyone you have an email from who you haven’t already connected with online.

Do share content regularly.

Don’t find the content by yourself. Get Marketing to help. This is their job. Explain what kinds of things you want to share and see if Marketing can find the information for you. You will repay Marketing by sharing regularly.

Do use a content sharing tool. Spending time scheduling content is a time suck. I regularly got bogged down doing this. There is technology for this that will make you more efficient. Plenty of tools exist on the market. Our platform is called “Ready For Social.”

Don’t be shy! Make a point of liking, sharing and replying to 10-20 posts by others each week. If you do this, others will reciprocate by interacting with you. This kind of engagement makes social selling fun and brings your name front and center with your prospects

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Randi Venables · September 26, 2017 at 2:28 pm

Very helpful, thank you! I have been reading several of your posts, and have found actionable tips in each one.

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