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3 Way to Social Sell Using Twitter

By Sander Biehn | Oct 25, 2017

Twitter can play a real and substantial role in the sales funnel. While not every decision-maker or executive is on Twitter, more and more are joining each day. Additionally, Twitter is probably the least intrusive of all business social media platforms when it comes to content marketing. Twitter is a nuanced platform and cannot be relied on to create a steady stream of leads for most B2B salespeople. But when it comes to reeling in whale-sized deals, Twitter has no rivals. Why? Its democratic layout allows you to connect directly with anyone on the platform.

As my friend, Jack Kosakowski says, “To succeed, you need to be visible, valuable, and connected.”  Twitter offers all 3 to a salesperson. Here are three ways you can propel your success in each of Jack’s three areas:

Be Visible:

Twitter can be a lonely island when you first start. It seems like a daunting task to get one follower let alone 1,000. But how else can your tweets become visible to others? How else will you become credible online?


Followers are actually window dressing. You cannot succeed without them, but they are not your ticket to success. Instead, your tweets will instantly connect you with the right audience if you use hashtags correctly.

More important than connecting to your customer on Twitter will be living in the hashtag realms he or she inhabits. The added bonus is that your prospects are most likely following the same hashtags/content as others who would be interested in your company’s products and services. Stay visible and play it smart with hashtags.

Be Valuable:

Sharing content with prospects by email is thankless. Sophisticated spam blockers make sharing content painful. Social platforms are much better at this, but this is where Twitter really shines. If you spend a little time at becoming visible to your prospects, being valuable to them is a snap. Sharing industry news and original company content is why many more buyers are using Twitter today for research. The immediacy of the platform can be demanding for those who wish to be consistent with messages. But once that detail is addressed with a content distribution tool, the real magic happens. Posting regularly is appreciated by via the interactions (likes, retweets, and comments) you receive online.

Be Connected:

Finding a current prospect or client who is active on Twitter is pure magic. While you can suggest Twitter to your buyers, be patient. Look for those who already use it and it will be far less frustrating. I find that marketers (especially CMO’s) flock to Twitter. Find relevant contacts who are using Twitter for business from the companies you are targeting.  Then make a point of interacting (like retweet, comment) with them. If you are having difficulty, try following the company brand Twitter handle. These feeds are generally maintained by junior marketers. However, I’ve seen success with sales teams reaching out through the brand’s Twitter handle with a private message asking for a contact’s email or phone number. In one case, the salesperson had about an 80% conversion using this tactic.  Getting introduced from the inside out gives you a warm introduction to accelerate the sales cycle.

What do you think and what would you add? While so many write off Twitter for B2B sales, I am not so sure. In fact, Thought Horizon would not be here today without the single tweet to a Fortune 100 CEO that launched our business 4 years ago. More on that later…or just send me a tweet @sanderbiehn.

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