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Creating Targeted Content Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Nov 1, 2017

The biggest problem with Content Marketing in 2017?

It’s not targeted enough. Stay focused, people!

For the most part, content created by B2B marketers falls short of gaining interest with the most likely prospects. But it not because it lacks videos or infographics. It isn’t because it is too long or too short. A very simple, yet crucial detail is missing. It hasn’t been translated into the language of the buyer.

In other words, the content is either too general or far too technical and doesn’t speak to the specific challenges of the actual buyer who has a budget.

This may seem trivial, but it has huge downstream effects on your business and your investment in content. This one problem has tanked many content marketing campaigns and left them dead on the side of the Internet highway.

There is hope. But it will require planning and it will require a great deal of FOCUS.


The question of how to create the right content has often started with a discussion of what media mix to use. But that is the cart before the horse. Instead, the best way to approach a content marketing campaign is to follow these easy steps:

1) Define your buyer profile. Who are you selling to? What are their challenges and how does your solution address those problems?

2) What is your Sales Model? How do you sell your prospects? What conversations have led to sales? Is a demo important? Are references and testimonials powerful ways you’ve closed business in the past?

Sorry folks, but without a few basics, there is no reason to put pen to paper, or use any other medium for that matter, to market using the content. Once you have answered the above questions, you are ready to create content that explains what you do in the terms your prospects and buyers will understand. Without that lens, you will quickly fail.


Don’t get cute. Send the digital marketer packing when she suggests you should “mix it up a bit”.  The most successful content marketing has laser focus and never varies from the core theme. Buyers want consistency if you want them to follow your message closely and habitually.  Create a dedicated and engaged audience by being focused

One way to stay focused is by using a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is a person or persona who represents your company online via the content you produce. From a “Carl’s Corner” blog series to a video series featuring a key employee as your mouthpiece, using a single individual can help keep you on task. Just as we don’t wake up each day with a different messaging track, buyers trust a single person who speaks their language and keeps the message consistent and real.

Get your content marketing off to the right start and you will succeed regardless of how you measure the program. Keep it simple, know your buyer and stay focused on your plan at all costs.

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