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Video is Creating New Online Engagement Habits in B2B

By Sander Biehn | Dec 13, 2017

The research has been done. Video drives eyeballs. But can it also get real engagement from real buyers in B2B? If it is done correctly, the answer is certainly yes.

Research, such as that done by ViSenze, shows that consumers are more likely to look to social media for product information than ever. This is at least partly because they spend so much time on social media these days.  Of 1,000 U.S. consumers surveyed, over 75% were inspired to buy based on video content they had seen online.

What does this mean for B2B content? Could B2B content behave the same way with B2B buyers? We’ve been working on a video campaign for one of our clients and this is what I have learned lately.

  1. ‘Talking Heads’ Win: When it comes to B2B video content, the cartoon and flying infographics take second place to a credible source explaining a topic along with his or her own point of view. We’ve found that credible means more than professional-looking and experienced. Credibility builds over time. Using a single person as a mouthpiece for the company can help create familiarity and therefore, eventually, credibility.  The point is to create an audience and drive viewership, and nothing works as well as giving viewers a reason to listen and come back for more.
  2. Talk in Business Terms: There is a tendency (and possibly a sense of security) for B2B marketers to talk in industry jargon. Getting into the technical details of the product or service you are selling won’t win you, friends, even when the content is in an engaging video format. Our research for our client showed us that there was a surprising lack of content in their industry that explained things in a simple and easy to understand way. We decided to create content that addressed the market in a novel manner from a “business” point of view. We broke down the industry into several topics and explained each as if we were describing them to a CEO. We talked about how the products solved business problems. We explained why CEOs wanted to evaluate these solutions. The talk-track almost always led back to key business drivers like control, efficiency and cost savings. A novel approach? We’ll see.
  3. Talk to the Top: Ask yourself before you create a B2B video, who holds the budgets for your services anyway? Is it the engineering team? Possibly, but wouldn’t it make more sense to introduce your ideas directly to the CFO or CEO? Could an introduction from the top help you win against stiff competition? The beauty of video is that it has fewer boundaries than print, especially on social media. More people will start a video than reading any further than the title of a print article. Why? Because it’s video and video is fun to consume. So why not point the content at the CFO or even the CEO? You can target whoever you like. We accomplished this targeting for our customer partly by talking in business terms about the topic. But we also used the personal social media channels of our customer’s executives to deliver the videos to their networks. The idea was that they were already connected to executive level buyers.

Ready to start filming? Get the proper engagement by creating the right kind of video and distribution. With a little forethought, your video can reach and inspire your target market.

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