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Five Social Selling Sales Hacks You Need to Know

By Sander Biehn | Feb 28, 2018

Here it is. The definitive list for anyone looking to hack social selling. These tips and tactics can work for even the newest social seller. So, strap in and let’s take a little walk down Sales Hack Boulevard!

Hack #1: Keep your face in front of your buyer

Take a hint from Coke or any other successful consumer brand. Keeping your name and face in front of your buyer will build intimacy. However, interrupting your buyer’s day will not. Social media gives you the power to be present with your customer.  Additionally, it will be on their terms– when they choose to take a break and look at their social feeds. All you need to do is keep a steady stream of useful and thought-provoking content on the ready for them to see.

Hack #2: Plan your social day

Don’t get hung up checking your beeping phone all day. Getting alerts when your customers and prospects post is nice, but they can really ruin your attention span and side-track your day. In fact, that lack of focus is your boss’ worst nightmare and one of the reasons she is scoffing at your social selling ‘experiments.’  Prove her wrong by being disciplined. Once your cold calling is complete and your inbox is up to date, then (and only then) should you get on social media to see what is happening. Schedule discreet blocks of times 2-3 times per day to check social media and respond and engage with customers.

Hack #3: Forget InMails

You heard me right. Don’t throw hail-mary’s on social. Think of social as an augmentation of your other sales activities, not a way to side-step the hard work of selling. Do I think InMails are truly worthless? Not entirely. There is a time and place for them, but building a campaign of sending unsolicited direct messages is not a way to win many friends and new connections on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Hack #4:  Throw in some real life

The biggest social selling pros make it known they are flesh and blood on social media. One of my social selling heroes is presently running a very public (and social) campaign to find a new job. I’d be surprised if he was without his next dream gig for another week with the amount of his true self he’s exposed online. Being vulnerable and celebrating what matters to you in small doses can win you huge business rewards. But beware! You need to keep it real and genuine. Your online network knows when you are putting them on.

Hack #5: If you do just one thing, make it CONNECTING

Connect on LinkedIn with everyone you meet. I will say it again. Connect on LinkedIn with everyone you meet. I could say it 100 times and I know I still would not convey how important this is. It may seem obvious, but I almost guarantee there are names in your inbox and on your daily calendar who you have communicated with and have not connected to.

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