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3 Places Your Content Needs to Align

By Sander Biehn | Apr 4, 2018

Getting a consistent message across your B2B enterprise is imperative, if not easy. Often different departments are creating their own content with their own priorities and slant.  Trying to get a single message to the public under every banner of the business is complicated.

For example, your sales teams may be solely talking about your market innovation. But where does that leave your customer service team?  They just invested in 20 new headcounts to have the shortest technical assistance hold times in your industry. Are the messages coming from these 2 different departments consistent? Heck no! But the inconsistency in messaging (especially when all that messaging from multiple business units is being shared by your employees) can leave the public scratching its collective head about your business.

For B2B companies, this alignment is necessary to content marketing success in 3 areas. Here’s how it plays out and what you need to do to align content strategy around every aspect of the business.


This should be the starting point for creating your messaging. Marketing should be considering the buyer’s journey and creating a compelling story that makes your sales proposition look attractive to the buyers you think are most likely to take you up on in it. In other word’s Sales is foundational for messaging and should be the North Star that all other departments look. That said, sales/marketing should take into consideration the needs of other departments and weave them into the storyline.

Customer Service

No one talks to your customers more than the customer service department. More and more, customers are being directed to web pages for self-help. This means they are likely to come across content (and new ideas!) while visiting your site for support. While it is tempting to create different messaging and content for this audience, you shouldn’t. Keep it consistent to keep coherence with your audience. When done correctly, you can gain repeat visitors/readers. Gathering an audience that comes back for more is the Holy Grail of marketing.

Executive Messaging

More and more executives are taking to social media to interact with shareholders, employees, partners and large clients. How well do they know your messaging? Sure, they sit in meetings where it is discussed, but do they have enough of a handle on it to accurately blog and post online? Many businesses are putting corporate company teams in place to help executives speak online. This isn’t just for CEOs anymore. Getting executives at every level to internalize the company messages and help distribute is a sharp stroke in the right direction. More than ever, potential and current customers and their management are following executives online.

Aligning your marketing messages across business units has two major advantages. First, your online messaging becomes cohesive and familiar to your buyers no matter where they meet it. Secondly, it enables your messaging to find surprising new ways to meet the highly-targeted audience you so desire.

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