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The Single Biggest Problem With Your B2B Content Marketing

By Sander Biehn | Apr 11, 2018

Whether you are creating a few high-value content marketing videos or blogging weekly, the biggest problem with your B2B content is not your content. It’s the distribution of your messages. However, your team may not even know it!  Marketing professionals figure that thanks to a myriad of marketing automation platforms, the content is doing the best it can online give the options available to promote it.

But getting results from email campaigns, social media promoted posts and digital ads is extremely hard. But marketers figure that’s just the way it is! In fact, amazingly, marketers often blame the content before even considering new means of distribution. They’d rather look for a new writer or type of media to work with. Were the blogs too light and pithy? Too dense and heavy? Should the video be longer? Shorter?

The obvious miss here is the distribution of the material. This may seem hard to get around. After all, there are only so many different platforms to push or pull your audience to/from.  But this is the key to driving ROI from content. Looking for innovative ways to find an audience is the difference between success or failure of your content marketing. A lot is on the line.

When distributing content, the two most important factors are finding the right audience and presenting the content to them in a channel they trust. If you have one without the other the click-through-rate can be cut in half if not decimated.

For us, therefore we like leveraging the personal social media of sales. It covers both bases.

First, who is better connected to your target audience other than your sales staff and your executives? Whether clients are following your top leader or the technical buyers at your largest customer have connected with your Sales Engineers on LinkedIn, there is a better way to place messages directly under the noses of your top prospects.

Second, this audience trusts your employees. That is why they follow them. Combine that with a stead distribution of your content and you have a readership base that would make any marketer jealous. The nature of connections on social media means this audience is looking for new insights and that is exactly what your content will provide for them. We find click-through-rate sometimes 10X higher than content that is distributed by brands or promoted social postings.

Hidden in plain sight is a way to make any content campaign better. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with the content itself and everything to do with how it is distributed. While there are tools to help with distributing content via personal channels, they are not the key to better performing content. The key is mobilizing those in your enterprise with the largest vested interest in communicating with your target buyers anyway.


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