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Thought Horizon Quarterly Business Update

By Sander Biehn | May 9, 2018

We had a chance to catch up with Sander Biehn, co-founder and US CEO for Thought Horizon to ask about what’s new at Thought Horizon. Here is a condensed version of Sander’ answers.


  1. What’s new in 2018?

Lots of new things and I am proud to say that many of them are directly driven by what our customers have asked for. For example, we built a mobile App that we are really proud of. It combines the functionality of our SaaS platform with some pretty cool social shortcuts that we think users will love. I am particularly proud that we created this app in typical Thought Horizon style— we did it in under 6 weeks up against a tight client deadline.

2018 has also ushered in a new headquarters office space for us. We are now in downtown Atlanta in the Centennial building on the 16th floor. I simply love it and so does the team. The view is inspirational, and it makes a big difference to have more room when hosting customers and vendors to our offices. No offense but, good riddance Decatur loft space!


  1. You’re a big idea guy. Can you share any of your ‘best ideas’ from 2018 thus far?

Certainly! I had an awesome idea in late February that we are now working on in development. Let’s just say that social selling won’t just be for corporate employees anymore. We are taking our expertise and services to ‘prosumers’ (Professional Consumers) and we will take Visa Maestro and American Express! Ready For Social will soon meet all your social selling needs no matter who you are! Stay tuned.


  1. How has Thought Horizon evolved as a company in 2018?

Thought Horizon continues to grow up and I couldn’t be prouder. Under the 2018 joint leadership of both me and Milan, I’ve seen Thought Horizon mature. What I mean is we are learning new skills we never really had before in all the mundane areas of business.  I’ve found that it’s the little stuff that really drives growth. We’re now seeing low turnover of personnel and the tribal knowledge we are retaining is propelling us forward with new customers.  Finally, we have begun along the path of capital readiness. This is a fancy way of saying we are looking for outside investment to grow our business. For the longest time, I saw looking for investment as a sign of weakness.  I thought I could sell my way to large-scale success. I guess I am growing up a bit too. I now realize why capital is so important once a startup hits a critical mass of customers, employees and product development needs.


  1. Anything fun planned for the summer or the balance of 2018?

Yes! In fact, we are thinking about co-hosting a social media conference in a very interesting part of the world. My personal feeling has always been to work with people in geographies most ready to see a significant change by using social media—places rife with curiosity about new means of communication and ready to leapfrog much more ‘mature’ markets (the US included).    Apart from that, you can expect Instagram shots from far-flung lands as we continue to support global brands and what they are doing around the world. On a personal level, I am taking 10 days off around July 4th to take my family on a road trip to the US desert Southwest.

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