3 Questions for the Founder

By Sander Biehn | Jun 13, 2018

1) What are you up to these days?

Right now, I’m sitting on an airplane. I know that probably shocks you (not). The normal week for me involves going to see customers. I love doing it. Customers are our lifeline for much more than revenue. They let us know where we are on track and off track with everything from service to technology. In fact, many of the innovations for our Ready For Social platform come directly from observations we hear from customers. I try to stay very close to them even when it involves crisscrossing the USA or going even farther afield. Even though we are involved with social media and the virtual world, I like spending time in person whenever possible.  That said my social media feeds help keep me busy with questions and comments as well. When I’m in the office, I am often catching up with the team or doing rainy day projects like getting our patent framed finally and hung on the wall.

2) How are things going?

We are having a fantastic 2018 for all the reasons I never expected. This seems to be a theme with startups. I wish I could have just one quarter that would look like I expect or forecasted it to be. Talking to prospects about how we can help their business is my primary concern and this takes me on the road as much as servicing our existing customers does. We have seen growth in the middle market segment as well as our enterprise business which is encouraging. We see both segments looking for the same things: ways to involve executives in social, better measurement of social and tying social efforts to sales and lead generation. This keeps us very busy as we try to keep up with it all. We’ve also begun a quest for new funding. While many startups don’t really talk about it, this is the name of the game. My biggest learning is that we need to work with right people if we want to see the needed funding. I think we have that humming along properly right now.

3) What about Ready For Social?

The platform continues to evolve. We recently released a mobile app version. This was something I always knew we would do but was never in any hurry. Too many mobile apps are glorified versions of the SaaS platform except with smaller buttons and touchscreen. In our case, we found that our users needed a quick way to post photos from their mobile devices onto social media that offered the control and measurement we deliver from our SaaS platform. This use case really drove the development and led to a couple of other cool things we could do on the mobile device that just made more sense for a mobile user.  It has really enhanced the UX and I am extremely pleased.

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