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Thought Horizon & Detecon partner to help businesses forge new relationships in the social media sphere

By Sander Biehn | Jul 24, 2018

Business Markets are being fundamentally altered due to digitization. Tidal waves of information greet business buyers each day online. Buyers no longer solely rely on salespeople and vendors to offer solutions and help. They now help themselves. The buying and selling processes have been truly disrupted.

As buyers have found new sources of information, sellers now need to find new ways how to forge relationships and stay relevant. Social media is becoming increasingly important in the B2B space, taking over more and more of the engagement touch points. In this space, businesses need to transform fast in order to capture the opportunity. Milan Ruzicka, CEO of Thought Horizon Europe says: All buyers do their fair amount of research, that’s known. But already today, 75% of B2B buyers use social networks to learn about potential vendors, their features, USPs, but also weaknesses. And it is no wonder that those sellers who are active on social media overperform their peers frequently (72%).

Detecon recognizes the opportunity to help its clients to cross the newly forming social media divide between business trying to do more of the same and those who are ready to do business a new way. The partnership with Thought Horizon, Atlanta based social selling solution provider, with experience in large scale enterprise developments, brings a full suite of social selling capabilities into Detecon and will enable Detecon clients to update their digital and social sales process from aspirational to operational. Detecon has been successfully working on enabling clients to build their employees’ digital brands. And with Thought Horizon’s Ready For Social platform and service, this consulting offer has even more impact. Because the stakes are big. Failure to efficiently transform sales often results in taking time away from conversations and meetings with clients that still play a pivotal role in the sales process. While social media is important, it needs to be streamlined so it doesn’t take time away from core selling activities.

Thought Horizon ( has been helping Enterprises transform since 2013 by professionalizing social media sharing in an intelligent manner that drives new sales and measurable ROI. Clients are choosing Thought Horizon for its managed social selling program which augments other sales and marketing activities in a proven, OPEX only, light touch way. This program drives millions of social media impressions created by the sales teams, which lead to thousands of click-throughs and engagements that have in turn filled the sales funnel. Social media reporting on the activities generated by our Ready For Social platform and mobile app keep executives aware of how automated social selling is creating more real-time conversations and driving new revenues.

The patented solution makes the life of seller using social media much simpler. The most relevant content for any desired geography, industry and vertical market is curated and stored in one place. Professionally prepared drafts of social media posts (in any desired language) with all relevant hashtags there to be personalized and turned into the voice of the sales professional. The user experience is optimized for simplicity and efficiency and because the users are building the credibility in social media quickly the Thought Horizon social selling solution drives high adoption and therefore more of new business opportunities.

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Joshua Randolph · July 24, 2018 at 10:25 am

Collaborative efforts can multiply outputs as they leverage a diversity of experience and relationships. Thrilled to partner with such an incredible team.

Lars Theobaldt · July 25, 2018 at 4:37 am

With the advent of social selling, we want to support our clients with meaningfull solutions. Accordingly our partnership with a best-in-class tool & system provider like Thought Horizon is key to that. After very encouranging first project results and synergies, we are very much looking forward to expand our great partnership with Sander and Milan’s team!!!

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