New Product Quickly Gets Traction: Case Study #1

By thought-horizon | Jan 10, 2019

An established technology equipment company was launching a disruptive new device to replace their legacy product. Their well-established B2B sales force had excellent relationships with existing clients and prospects. They felt comfortable selling the legacy solution and had figured out how to hit their quotas.

When the new product was launched to much fanfare at the company. Executives knew the new product had the potential to shake up the industry and looked forward to solid results. The sales team, however, was unfamiliar with the new technology and new product. Because of this, they felt intimidated by the new product and the idea of explaining it to their clients. Sales chose to spend more time selling the legacy product than the new one. Four months after launch, the new product was not meeting the high sales expectations.

This was creating pressure on the Sales VP, CMO, and CEO.

Thought Horizon quickly helped get sales of the new product moving. First, we worked with the Marketing Team to develop targeted, long-form (blog) content about the new product, its benefits, and points of differentiation. Content was created to address specific problems faced within specific customer verticals.

Next, we worked with the sales reps to distribute this relevant content to specific decision makers inside of their client organizations using social media. Not only did this add value for the customers by educating them about the new technology, but it also established the sales reps as Thought Leaders.

The marketing team saw a 552% increase in the qualified leads by using our proven Micro-Content Marketing approach.

The blog content also helped Sales become more comfortable with and better educated about the new product. The blogs covered all the talking points they needed to know, and sales reps were more confident selling the new product.

As a result, sales increased, but more importantly, sales began to focus on the new product. Within 12 months, sales transformed from majority legacy product to majority new product.

The above case study shows that content marketing is effective if done properly. If the above company can do it, then you can too. Get in touch with us today and boost your target, leads and sales.

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