Penetrating a New Market

Penetrating a New Market: Case Study #3

By Sander Biehn | Jan 10, 2019

Sander Biehn is founder and CEO of Thought Horizon, LLC. After a successful career in sales at AT&T, he founded his company in 2013 helping organizations to build, manage and succeed using social selling.

Sometimes addressing a new market with an established product can be as difficult as launching a new product altogether. Our client, a technology company that was well-established in large foreign markets but almost unheard of with prospects in the United States, faced this challenge. They came to us wanting to try a social media approach to market penetration. They wanted more visibility and more importantly, they wanted sales.

We strategized a content approach that would get the attention of the US target market based on our client’s strengths. Even though this technology company was smaller, it was much nimbler than its competition. With the right content in place, we were ready to spread the message.

We found several industry groups that focused solely on the target market we wanted to speak to. These groups had robust social media and hosted conferences and events throughout the year. We approached them through social media and began to partner with them. We promoted their events and they, in turn, helped us to promote our messages.  The sales team assisted, and we continued to collaborate and adjust our strategy to fit the evolving campaign.

Addressing the top of funnel and creating awareness was the first order of business, but by no means the last.  Creating content that was narrowly focused to the US market and covered all levels of the buyer’s journey proved fruitful.

Over time our content evolved as we addressed more phases of the buyer’s journey. By consistently creating the right content and being present for our partners, we began to make inroads. The market was taking notice.

By making a large and targeted splash in social, not only were we able to increase customer conversations, but we also attracted the eye of the competition.

This culminated in our client being purchased by their largest US competitor for over $200M.

The old adage held true for the competition: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The above case study shows that role of Social Media and Content Marketing is crucial to your business success. If the above company can do it, then you can too. Get in touch with us today and reach your target to boost your leads and revenue.

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