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Social Selling increase revenues

By thought-horizon | Jan 10, 2019

Our client wanted to create a program leveraging social to increase revenues. The marketing team asked for one year to create and test the program. They were surprised when the EVP of sales gave them exactly one quarter to prove results.  It wasn’t that this EVP did not believe in social selling, she had heard horror stories of years of implementing social selling with negative results on sales productivity. The EVP worried that just implementing tactics would not drive new revenues.  How could marketing make sure the organization would hit the mark expected by the executive team?

Our approach:

      We consulted with them on what results the executives would like to see. They wanted more leads. Here’s why:

  • New leads been declining in the past year. Getting new things in funnel was badly needed.
  • Many leads in the funnel had become stale. They had been in the funnel too long and were not likely to close. Sales leaders asked the teams to remove old leads and find new ones.

 We created a top-of-funnel content campaign with original and curated content that was aimed at

  • Exciting new prospects by inviting them to educational events
  • Educating the public about their products using industry publications

The Result:

Numbers speak for themselves sometimes. Here is a snapshot of the analytics of the social sharing the sales teams did and the new leads that were created.

Case Study - Social selling


The above case study shows that lead generation through Social Selling is possible . If the above company can achieve that, then you can too. Get in touch with us today and get include Social Selling in your overall marketing campaigns.  

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