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GrowthHack: Grow your network / Connect with clients

By thought-horizon | May 7, 2019

GrowthHack: Grow your network / Connect with clients

Being active on social media is only as good as your audience is relevant. Make sure your network is in the best shape possible. Here are 3 things you should do:

1. Import your address book to LinkedIn or XING and invite the relevant people you’re not yet connected with.

2. Connect consistently with people you meet, after the meeting or call, or directly at the event. It’s useful to have the social networks apps on your phone!

3. Regularly check your posts for “Likes” and “Comments”. If you see engagement from people from outside your network, take the opportunity to connect with them.


Connect with 5 of your client contacts on LinkedIn or XING this week. If you do this consistently, you will grow your network by 20 industry contacts each month. This is really important – it increases the relevant audience for the content you share and lays the foundation for new customer requests and leads.

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