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4 Reasons Every B2B Company Needs to Do Social Selling on LinkedIn

By thought-horizon | Jun 6, 2019

If your sales team is not actively using LinkedIn to sell, they should be. Too many companies tell me that they are using social selling, but what I see tells a different story.

1. LinkedIn Gets You the Sales Pitch You Need

So finally the prospect has agreed to a call. Kudos to you!

But before you proceed, did you get your research in shape? And mind you, the 10-minute pre-call workout doesn’t count. That’s rather poor planning on your part versus using social selling. Search for them and note down the points that can enhance your pitch. Make way for deeper conversation. That can be easily done by giving careful thought to the buyer persona of your prospect. It can also be strongly supported by insights into how users engage with your posts over time. What content do they like/dislike?

Once you have all of the observations at your disposal, use them strategically while conversing with the clients.

2. Peers Buy From Brands They Trust

If you ever thought that a buyer landed up in your sales funnel just for the sake of products and services, it’s time to get your concepts clear. NO ONE, including me and you, buy something just for the sake of it. We make sure we have done enough research, we have gone through the reviews and ratings, stories shared by people, and last but not least, engaged with the brands on social.

That is simply a part of product review and research for you. But that’s not a single element to you. Having communicated with you over a decent period of time before a business conversation takes place, a company has fostered a great relationship based on trust. All the sellers need to do now is just push a little and BAM – it’s done.

3. Establish Yourself As a Promising Brand

Each brand needs to win the trust of their buyers. And that’s why you MUST act in a trustworthy way online to ensure stellar brand credibility. That means posting the content that uplifts your authority every time you post. Let them your customers know that you understand their pain points. Highlight your solution and its mainstays. Explain the process and its parts in detail, back it up by surveys and studies. Share peer reviews. Let them know how you have helped your existing buyers. Go for storytelling.

Simple things shall yield significant benefits over time while providing benefits in the form of awesome brand credibility.

4. Let People Identify You As a Thought-Leader

Personification is a great way to bring your brand closer to the audience. People can connect better with the brands who have humans helming them rather than the ones with a bot-like appearance. The profiles of your sales team should look professional and be geared toward being a friend to your prospects rather than a tough-guy salesperson who “knows how to get people to buy from him/her”. Don’t we trust our friends more than a random person online? Of course, we do!

Happy Social Selling!

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