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How to Humanize Your Organization’s Digital Marketing Efforts?

By thought-horizon | Jun 24, 2019

As humans, we connect to, relate to, and trust other humans. 

This is precisely why some brands fail to win the trust of their buyers, despite publishing a lot of impressive content. Take a second to think about the brands you love. For most of us, it is one of the brands that have mastered the art of humanization. 

Putting a human touch on your digital marketing can make your efforts much more successful than if you leave it behind. No one wants to interact with a chatbot or read through blocks of boring and technical text that lacks a sense of humor. But how do you get started? 

We’re here to tell you exactly that. Let’s get going!

1. Put a Face to Your Brand

Looking to attract a wide-market of non-churning consumers? You need to nail the ability to turn your industry relations into the audience. And what’s a better way than putting a face to your business?

If you really want to woo your customers, figure out who the REAL people are who can help you take your brand closer to the audience. Name your brand and add a face to its CX/ UX personality. Send across some detailed newsletters signed by the CEO, and help people connect with your brand better. When defining rules of engagement, explain your policies and always keep a smile on your collective digital face. These small personalized things will delight your customers and award you with their patience, empathy, and of course, higher-buying chances.

2. Drive Empathy

As humans, the ability to empathize is a vital element of forging and developing relationships. That said, if your social selling efforts are able to drive empathy, you stand a greater chance of encouraging your audience to connect. Empathy paves the way for two-way communication with prospects rather than only you trying to communicate. 

Provide consumers with a vivid glimpse of your service, core values, and how consumers look at your products. Keep the language simple and conversational, and work hard to make your entire webpage convey an easy-going attitude. 

3. Enhance Your Storytelling

Social consumers respond to the solid narrative, which is why brand storytelling serves as an incredible tool for selling. Not only this, but experts also believe that brand storytelling is the future of content marketing strategy and help organizations to plan, build, develop and deliver your value more effectively. 

The storytelling aspect helps you impose emotional appeal on the minds of the reader, enabling them to connect better.

4. Act in Real Time

Digital natives crave answers to their questions and solutions to their problems in an instant. You can wonderfully curb this curiosity and use it to spark conversations and react to your prospects in real-time as an invaluable way to demonstrate your brand’s human side. 

In the digital realm, people expect a personalized relationship with brands and expect communications that are tailored to their specific queries, curiosities, needs, and problems.

By ensuring that every one of your people-facing touchpoints is responsive, providing immediate answers to queries, timely solutions to problems, and sharing the right content with the right people at the right time, you will ultimately forge relationships that will add value to the growth and evolution of your brand.

5. Encourage Brand Advocacy

When it comes to humanizing digital marketing efforts, brand advocacy is a potent tool.

90% of people trust the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of their peers over traditional advertising. Moreover, brand messages are 24 times more likely to be shared if distributed to a brand’s employees as opposed to the brand itself.

By using staff or loyal customers to share your brand message, participate on social media, and by creating content targeted to what you’ve identified to be most valuable to your prospects, you will make your digital marketing activities human in ways that will showcase your value in a way that traditional advertising fails to do.

To use brand advocacy successfully, your company will need to provide an opportunity for human intervention by sparking up conversations on social media, asking questions, creating interactive content, creating quizzes and hosting competitions that require response and reaction. Moreover, the engaging staff is critical to driving brand advocacy and expanding reach to new and potentially invested audiences.


While data plays a crucial role in developing and evolving digital marketing efforts, the way you deliver it ultimately determines your success. Invest time in humanizing your organization’s efforts today to reap benefits in the future.

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