4 Types of Social Media Content that Convert

By Sander Biehn | Jun 26, 2019

Sander Biehn is founder and CEO of Thought Horizon, LLC. After a successful career in sales at AT&T, he founded his company in 2013 helping organizations to build, manage and succeed using social selling.

“Content is king.”

This saying is more prominent if you are trying to sell via social. A striking piece of content that resonates with the audience helps you stand out from the pack, draw in customers, and close more deals. Those are the exhaustive efforts of social sellers across the globe who tirelessly push content to make their voice stand out among the crowd.

However, not every piece of content you share actually does anything to bring in sales. And not every piece of content is created the same. That killer white paper that wowed your audience in 2009 may not convert like it used to. So, what are the best kinds of content in 2019?

Here’s a list for you.

1. Videos

With over 7 billion videos watched each and every day on Facebook and YouTube, video has evolved as one of the best pieces of media for a brand to showcase their products and services. Incorporating videos as a part of a content marketing strategy typically results in a 51.4% increase in the consumer interaction ratio, a 10.6% rise in click-throughs, and a 500% higher sales conversion.

Simply put, consumers prefer videos about a product or service rather than reading about it. As a social selling pro trying to reach potential buyers, you can choose from many different types of videos. You can go for short/punchy videos that feature either a ‘talking head’ expert from your team or some slick animation that drives the point home about your unique value. Find a type that aligns well with your products and services and then cater to your audience accordingly.

On that note, a bit of advice. Skip the cute animation with a hand-drawn man rubbing his chin with a question mark over his head. Those videos are getting less traction these days because we are all weary of that format.

2. Research Documents

Research documents are a vastly underleveraged, yet effective way to garner the target market’s attention towards your brand. The stories of reach from one point to another paint pictures in the mind of the reader, evokes emotions and gives your presentation power. Consumers connect better with stories, and there is no better method of storytelling in business than of using your voices in a data-backed research document.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to become a statistical scientist to create these data-driven documents. Just take a case study you have done on an industry topic, or look at some data across your customers to draw an exciting conclusion. Be sure to keep the data private, but it is certainly okay to draw a conclusion without naming any customer names.

3. Journey Articles

Emotional appeal is one of the marketing strategies that always strikes a chord with buyers. And sharing journey articles with them is one of the best ways to implement it. Believe it or not, your clients want to know why you are doing what you do. What is your company’s mission, and how did you get to where you are today? Keep these articles instructive and upbeat. Engagement goes through the roof when these types of articles are shared on social media.  

4. Educational Content

In a world where almost everyone is trying to sell one thing or the other, buyers don’t love the idea of being sold to. And that’s why posting CTAs to sell your products does not actually serve its purpose. Rather than that, try pushing out some educational stuff like how-to articles, infographics, interviews with industry experts, etc. Once buyers identify you as a resource, results are likely to follow.

Take-Home Message

Regardless of what content type you create, focus on building a deeper connection with the buyer. Once you have grabbed their attention, be consistent to share other write-ups and articles. You can also boost this relationship by providing a free consultation or some complementary research if they fill out your form. Isn’t that a fantastic way to fill up your funnel with real prospects? We’re sure it is.

For more ideas and expert help, get in touch with Thought Horizon’s social selling experts, who are more than excited to help you out!

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Vicky Toomer · September 30, 2019 at 9:47 am

4 great tips on what to use on social media to gain product interest. I agree that video’s are fantastic as it’s easier for people to engage with and as you mentioned means they don’t have to read about it but can see why the product is great and shows what it can do.

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