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Social Selling Closing Techniques You Should Know About

By thought-horizon | Jun 27, 2019

You’ve defined the pain point and met the client personally several times. The proposal has been sent, and everything has been done but the close. What do you plan to do now? Probably something like most of the salespeople who go back to the same worn-out technique when they get to this point. Yes, we have seen salespeople “war dial” the prospect and flood an inbox with emails or doing almost everything except social. 

We are here to tell you that this is not the time to abandon social selling. Here are a few closing tactics that you can utilize using social media that can get the job done for you. 

1. Stay on top of your prospects feed

Let’s admit it: not all prospects are ready to buy from you. But that should not stop you from occupying their headspace. Converting prospects into loyal customers is vital to building relationships and stay in touch. You must try to stay on their mind constantly. 

This does not have to be a lengthy phone call or personalized email. The trick is to stay on their radar without overwhelming them. Stumbled across a great Tweet? Retweet or favourite it. Saw an interesting Facebook post? Make sure to like and comment. Push relevant content consistently, and share valuable industry information.

Not only will it provide an idea of what your prospects are thinking about, but it will also give you a chance to interact if they post or react to other’s posts. While this won’t bring in the contract, neither will those 100 consecutive phone calls, and this is much more productive and insightful regarding anything your offer may still lack.  

2. Track your social mentions

Gone are the days when customers would ring up your call centre or write you a long email to resolve a query, praise you, or express their annoyance. The New Age consumers are social-friendly. They simply name-drop the brand on social and keep a vigilant watch on the same. The sooner you identify a potential PR crisis, the better. Moreover, responding to customers on social increases the likelihood they’ll spend on your products. 

You can also garner some social mentions while leveraging your network. Find some thought leadership to share with the decision-makers that are purely informational. Show your client the level of care and service you will provide for them once they become a customer. Impress them with your knowledge and ability to help them in their career. 

3. Show-off your client’s achievements

Don’t forget to stroke the company ego. Yes, you need to establish your authority and expertise in your industry, but isn’t it exciting to do it creatively? Imagine having helped one of your clients with app development. The client has been praised by his buyers for offering round-the-clock availability. And that’s how you can brag of your own services while showing off your customer’s achievements. 

Additionally, you can look for news articles related to your prospects and share them with a healthy dose of praise. If they are celebrating, don’t miss an opportunity to engage and interact. Drop a message or go for a social mention to let them know you care. 

4. Mix communication channels

Don’t be afraid of mixing up communication channels. It is vital to enable communication, even if you have to switch the channel. Get on LinkedIn in case the prospect is not responding via email. There are chances that your prospect’s inbox is already flooded and overwhelmed.

Once a conversation has been fruitful online, take it offline to foster conversion. 


Sales is not about nailing a particular stage or a technique. It’s about exploring your creative self and proving the same expertise as your competitors in an all-different package. Think outside the box at all stages of the sale, and make sure to develop a sustainable social selling strategy that augments your chances of conversion.

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