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7 Tools to Help Generate More B2B Sales for Small Businesses

By thought-horizon | Jul 19, 2019

We believe that using tools is the best way to figure out where your brand will gain online traction. It is not always clear what will work so spending small amounts on the following will help you figure out what your stack should look like. There are some things that are a given. The first is a webpage that is built to create leads from visitors. Much has been written on this and this is not our topic here. The second thing you need is content. Once you have these two things you are ready to start using these marketing tools to bring in lead.

1. LeadSquared

Tailored for small and mid-size businesses, LeadSquared is one of the best tools for B2B lead generation. The tool automates the lead capture process along with other marketing activities. It uses a comprehensive approach that brings in more leads down the sales funnel and enhances the lead capture approach making effective use of landing pages, automation, etc. It also offers a wide range of other sales features such as sales funnel, drip marketing, segmentation, and marketing insights. 

The easy-to-use B2B lead gen tool also comes with customizable lead scoring benefits that enables one to configure lead scores and lead stages. This enables businesses to map out activities of the lead and set respective scores. 

2. Base

Besides being an awesome B2B lead gen tool, Base boasts of offering a comprehensive tool to manage your existing relationships. It is cloud-based, scalable, and platform-independent. Base offers businesses with a visual sales funnel that makes things easier for the sales team to manage new and existing clients. 

Brands can also make use of Base’s dependable reporting features along with an ability to integrate with other tools to unleash your maximum sales potential. It comes with great mobile capabilities and extremely simple user interface. 

3. GetResponse

The most amazing part of GetResponse is the fact that no matter what sales task you throw at it, you have the results handy. It is one of the simplest and most convenient email marketing tools that let you build top-notch landing pages and emails in as less as a few minutes. 

GetResponse, with its automation capabilities, helps with the lead conversion as by accurate targeting. Furthermore, it comes with a wide range of powerful features that helps you improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns getting you the results you want. With GetResponse, you can get the email templates optimized for any device or platform that you need. 

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The leading professional network, LinkedIn, offers a promising prospect hunting tool for sales teams across the globe. The tool is enriched with some of the advanced search filters that bring a detailed viewpoint to the tip of your fingers and improves your sales process. And that’s not all, LinkedIn Sales Navigator extends you the ability to save and recommend leads, and gives you InMail credits to reach out to qualified buyers in a specific geography and field.

5. Leadfeeder

If you are failing to convert the audience and visitors into promising leads, Leadfeeder is all you need. 

In the age of self-service product discovery, you aren’t alone. Leadfeeder lets you see who’s visiting your website even if they don’t fill out any forms.

The platform connects with your Google Analytics account and uses a visitor’s IP addresses to identify the company they’re with. Better yet, the information is enriched with data from LinkedIn. This way, you can determine if you have any existing connections at the company you want to reach out to and qualify leads for relevance. For social sellers or account-based sales pros, this data is outreach rocket fuel.

6. Nudge

Nudge is a great tool to help your sales team build relationships and grow sales. It also happens to be one of our favourites.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers.

You’ll get notified when prospects and customers are mentioned in the news, posted on social media, and more.

This means less time prospecting and more time selling.


It also syncs with your communication tools to understand the strength of relationships. So you’ll get insights directly inside your inbox as you prefer.

You can also ask their AI Slack sales assistant questions about what’s happening in your buyer’s world and enhance your outdated CRM records with Salesforce.

7. Growbots

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales automation platform. This tool mines database for relevant leads by analyzing users’ pipeline data. As Growbots engages with leads, the tool gains insights into what people respond to best, learning by doing.

Since your customer relationship management (CRM) data integrates with Growbots, all you have to do is create your customer profile and schedule your email drip campaign. The difference between this and other tools on the market is that Growbots offers an AI framework to generate demand and set up meetings, which is why it does far more than optimize workflows for people to execute on their own.

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