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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By thought-horizon | Jul 26, 2019

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. If your content audience is converting well but showing signs of sluggishness in these long, warm summer months, perhaps it’s time to reassess and change up your digital strategy. But changing your strategy doesn’t mean you are throwing away the good with the bad. It could just mean you are looking closely at your analytics to fine-tune what you are already doing.

1. Content

Content is the most vital element for demonstrating your value and expertise to the audience. You may wrap it up in any format, but if it doesn’t strike a chord with the audience, you may desperately need a “social shake-up.”

Look into what types of content get the most views. Find out if those views translate into longer vs. shorter time spent on your webpage or social media profile. While that’s something that changes often, you need to make sure to keep up with your activity to find that sweet spot by repackaging content. 

Trust us, it is not merely like chasing a butterfly aimlessly around. Consider this staying close to the influencers and buyers you long to be with. If you stop looking for them, you can easily get off track.  

2. Variety

Variety is vital to your digital marketing strategy. The human mind is one restless thing. What one may like today, may bore him the other day. And that’s how trends keep crossing often. While some are there to stay, some of them pass by on the spur of the moment. 

Your clients want variety – an extensive one. Regardless if you have something new to share or a piece of older information, the new packaging is highly welcomed. Another boring blog post will not cut it unless it has cutting edge data analytics and a fresh approach.  

Maybe you could change the way you display statistics in your blog. If you simply copy-pasted the text one day, find an image to display the same text the next day. Encourage users to share the content across platforms. That way, you’ll not only attract more customers but will also build a great advocacy platform for yourself. 

Experiment with text and media combinations. Maybe a text looks good with a specific image or a piece of information that best conveys itself with an infographic. Find out the best ways, try publishing user journeys, find out if it will be best suited as a case study, a video testimonial, or as a journey graph. 

3. Visuals

As we stated earlier, the world today is dominated by trends. Orange can easily become the “new black” overnight, thanks to the world of visuals. A human’s attention span has begun decreasing to less than that of a goldfish. While that can be a clear case of changing trends, it also includes how our mind adapts to this new hustle and bustle of the industry. 

Visuals are capable of catching the viewer’s attention quicker and keep them longer than written content. Images, videos, infographics, etc. have invaded every section of the business world – and websites and social platforms are no exception. 

That said, a single style cannot keep up longer. You need to constantly change the visuals that accompany your webpage and social profiles. Find innovative methods to use and surprise your audience online with a new point of view. 

4. New Things

A white paper that did exceptionally well may not be delivering the same results now – and that’s probably because your audience is bored with it. 

Have you tried surveys in the past? What about case studies? What about images of how things were done before your company’s product was invented? You must have tried almost everything. Find something new and unique and try it out. You might be surprised that your fabulous site analytics can get even better. 

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