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How to Use Website Visitor Tools to Map Out the Perfect Customer Journey

By thought-horizon | Jul 28, 2019

Let this sink in: 98% of your website visitors are leaving your website without taking any action.

Which implies for every 1,000 visitors who end up on your website, 980 leave without taking any action. And you thought your social selling strategy is one in a million.

What could be the reason? There are many, and they can be summarized as:

1) Too many calls-to-action.

2) Calls-to-action is appearing too soon.

3) Content overwhelms visitors.

4) Website is not user-friendly.

We can go on, but the biggest takeaway is: you don’t give your website visitors a reason to stay. 

You lack that attraction factor that excites and entices them to check out your website. So, how do you change up your methods? Read on:

1. Content is King – It Rules

The first thing to check: your content strategy. Simply driving your social followers to the webpage doesn’t do you any good. That’s only putting in half an effort. Try going a mile ahead. Use Google Analytics and other sources to see how your content is working. Which one keeps the visitor engaged, and which one needs to revamp? You may have to fine-tune the content strategy accordingly based on what content is doing best and what types of content would keep visitor lined up at the door. 

This could also be a case with visuals. Analyze every piece of content and the visuals. Do you think your video is driving more engagement than the white papers? Figure it out, and let the data be your guide. 

2. Watch Your Retention Rate

People do visit your website – and that’s amazing! But wouldn’t it be more amazing if you could translate that traffic into leads? That can be easily done by putting the best heatmap tools to use. 

Find the areas of your website that keeps the visitor engaged for long. Identify the parts of your website where you lose the interest of visitors. Once you have enough data, consider expanding upon certain topics and scaling back on the others. Not only will this information guide you through the web design journey, but it will help you with the content creation

3. Lead Generation

What’s the point of having a webpage if it doesn’t send you leads? 

Getting a visitor to come to your website is the first step to the process, but your webpage needs to convert by fascinating visitors and giving them tangible actions to follow and explore more about you. 

4. Be the Buyer’s Journey

Understand that not every visitor is in the same frame of mind. Buyers are somewhere on a journey. Perhaps they have just heard about your solutions and want proof they actually work? Or maybe they want to know why your solution is better than your competition? Possibly, they are ready to buy from you and they want to explain to the boss what the long term ROI is. All these buyers need to be addressed. But how? By making different types of content for each that the sales team can share, and even creating subpages dedicated to these various buying stages, you can convert more deals via your webpage.

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