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5 Tools for Effective Social Selling Content Curation

By thought-horizon | Sep 6, 2019

There was a time when curating content was a really mind-boggling activity. But now, the problem is just the opposite. The internet is full of content, making it easier for one to lose him or herself in the sea of cat videos and fake news.

How to get the best quality content, then? A content curation tool is an answer.

Let’s share some of the best tools that you can use to make your job in finding content to share easier. Today I will take you behind the curtain to see how we find the right content for our clients. After creating a successful Content Strategy that includes what the clients want us to post and say, we set to work using tools so we can populate social media each and every week.

So, without further ado, here we go!

1. Feedly

The first one on our list of top-notch content curation tools is One of the first RSS reader apps, it’s like Google on steroids. It is a web-based, news-aggregation service. If you were a fan of Google Reader, Feedly is a great alternative, since it serves as an RSS feed to curate content around specific keywords, topics, domains, etc. You can easily organize content into boards and flag content to read later. Feedly definitely takes the strain out of curating content manually.

While the free edition has support for up to 100 feeds, organization capabilities and the ability to share to various social platforms, the Pro (roughly $5/month) and Team ($18/month) packages offer unlimited feeds, a higher level of support, as well as more robust integrations. Try it for free, and then find the plan that best suits your content curation needs.

2. BuzzSumo

If you are looking to find what topics and content is trending in any given industry, this is your ticket to staying well ahead of the curve.

BuzzSumo is social media analytics and curation tool tailored to meet the demands of social sellers and content marketers. With BuzzSumo, you can analyze the best performing content in a particular market or industry. It uses an advanced social search mechanism to identify the most shared content for a topic, author, or domain – enabling you to share just the content that’s resonating well with the user’s audience. This knowledge can be used by a savvy writer to tailor content efforts.

3. Curata

Curata falls into the enterprise category of content curation tools for businesses with more sophisticated curation needs. The power of Curata lies behind the INSPIRE discover and recommendation engine that powers it to find truly customized and quality content to suit your specific needs, based off of the profile that you customize.

The only downfall of Curata is that it is not super wallet-friendly. There is no free version, and the lower plans start as high as $499/month, but hey – if you’ve got the budget and you’re looking for a very robust solution, then it may be the way to go for your complex curating needs. You can use it for other tasks, like content management and reporting, too.

4. Google

Hey, Google is not half bad, especially for finding blogs and articles that are not on an RSS feed. It’s as simple as asking your friend for advice. You simply shoot your query, and results appear with a wide array of authoritative websites related to your search query. And that’s how we often use Google to find hidden gems, but we use it in moderation because content searching can be time intensive.

5. Your Blogs and Web Pages

Sometimes the magic lies within, and this is just another example of the same. Ever noticed how you come up with ideas while writing an article yourself? Don’t forget to put a healthy dose of your own content into ‘heavy rotation’ when you are collecting content. However, don’t overdo it, but make sure you are always posting at least a couple things from your pages, especially if the above-mentioned tools are not scraping that content for you.

Signing Off!

These powerful tools are the perfect way to save time, curate higher-quality content, foster customer engagement, and hone the content sharing endeavor with, of course, minimal efforts. However, choosing one from these is pretty exhausting. Find out what suits your requirements at this very instant and get going!

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