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What is a Social Selling Power Audit?

What is a Social Selling Power Audit?

By thought-horizon | Sep 18, 2019

The digital world has encouraged marketers to leverage social media to reach prospects and market their products/ services.

Apparently, marketers realize the power of social media. However, knowing precisely what is the impact of implementing a social advocacy program or social selling program for sales is often less clear. Specifically, how many salespeople are using social selling already is an unknown number, let alone understanding how active they are. Luckily, Thought Horizon has created a Power Audit to help.

Keep reading this blog post to uncover various aspects of it!

First Things First, What is Social Selling Power Audit?

Social media arguably offers a great platform to start exciting conversations and influence buyers. Social media Power Audit by Thought Horizon demonstrates your company’s potential to deliver meaningful messages via social media profiles of its customers and prospects. The free audit offers you insights into your sales team’s performance against your competitors. It also helps you get a free industry benchmark. Our team continually works to keep the parameters updated on three months’ advancements to keep you on top of your progress. And the best part is, all this is absolutely free of charges.

Why do we Address it as THE POWER Audit?

As we said, the powerful audit empowers you to measure the company’s overall power as compared to competitors on social media.

The aim is to help social selling pros to leverage social media to its full potential and reap maximum benefits.

How Does Power Audit Work?

Here’s is how this fantastic audit works your way out through a promising social selling strategy:

#1: We start by using LinkedIn to identify your company’s salespeople. Recognizing the number of these professionals, we figure out the numbers who have skillfully designated themselves as your sales team.

#2: We scan through their activity in the past 30 days. What content do they share? How relevant are they to your industry? What is the frequency of sharing?

#3: We recognize two to four top competitors and measure the same things that we did for your company.

#4: We rate and compare the two obtained data sets based on hundreds of power audits we have done in the past. In many cases, we also benchmark how one of the companies is performing against the entire vertical market as well.

The Key-Take Away From Social Selling Audit

That’s not just it. A social selling power audit offers you a vast pool of resources. Let’s tell you how we help you overcome various shortfalls that are highlighted in the report.

Case 1:  Sales teams are either not on LinkedIn themselves or haven’t adequately identified their affiliation with your company.

Our Take: Social selling training is a critical first step to success

Case 2: The sales team is on social media but not very active.

Our Take: content generation program is worth investigating

Case 3: we find companies that are outpacing the competition in social

Our Take: It may be time for some advanced selling practices and tools to really capitalize.

Signing Off

To really optimize your performance from social selling efforts, you need to learn, implement, and revolutionize continually. Not only this, you need to constantly upgrade your social selling strategy with the best of your industry insight and advanced tools and training. That said, before you put your valuable money in tools or training, benchmarking where you are today and setting goals for where you want to be in a defined amount of time is critical to success. That’s where our FREE social selling power audit comes handy.

Grab yourself this unusual benefit and 8x your ROI with social selling today! 

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