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What is a Social Selling Heat Map?

What is a Social Selling Heat Map?

By thought-horizon | Sep 20, 2019

Social Selling has enabled a myriad of Fortune 500 sales teams to create new sales conversations through online conversations. These big wins and the general trend toward social media in sales is well-documented. However, the number of successful sales professionals is insignificant. There is a clear debate if sales forces have truly embraced social media well or if they can fully embrace social media. The answer is a big NO, and the reason lies in the fact that buyers have embraced social with varied enthusiasm.

Here’s an example, many more CMOs than CTOs are on social media. While there may still be a good audience with CTOs, the market for selling to CMOs is even bigger. And this number matters. Because to draft a social selling strategy that delivers, you need to have a clear idea of certain things. Similar to any other marketing campaign, you need to know how many potential buyers you can reach BEFORE you start the campaign. Lack of understanding of how many people you can sell makes the results unknown and skews the data when trying to figure out how much ROI there is and how your company is performing.

With a lot of effort involved, you cannot simply risk putting your resources at stake only to see your strategy fall flat. This is exactly where Thought Horizon’s heat maps come in.

Upcoming a few minutes, we are taking you along deeper into the understanding of social media heatmaps and how they help you.

What Exactly is Heatmapping?

Heatmapping is a cool technology that allows you to understand how are various sections of a web page performing. Let’s assume that you have launched a pretty intuitive website design or a  landing page that you have high expectations from. You can implement heatmap technology to identify what sections lure the audience more. If you don’t get the expected results from specific areas, you know where you are heading.

Why are Social Heatmaps Important to Your Brands?

Heatmaps offer an excellent way for you to improvise your brand’s social presence.

You must have polished your social media presence with amazing graphics and content to go along. You may have high expectations from it, but unless they excite your buyers as much as they do to you, you don’t really have a chance to see your expectations being met.  

If a graphic shared by you on social is not able to keep the buyer hooked, there’s undoubtedly some loophole to it. If a content you recently pushed is not able to attract readers, is it good enough? We doubt so.

How Thought Horizon’s Heatmap Tools Give an Extra Edge to You?

As experts for quite some years now, we have helped multiple brands to 8x their ROI. Our experience has unveiled some of the astonishing tactics to us, enabling us to serve our clients better. Our heatmapping tool is a result of one such learning exercise.

Thought Horizon offers Market Heat Maps that measure how many target buyers are there industry vertical or even by the target company.  We enable in-depth LinkedIn data for you that helps you gain insights into your buyer persona, and how can you identify potential buyers from the same. Once you have a clear idea of how many typical buyers there are in the target geography, you can rapidly begin to realize the opportunity size and whether you are correctly tapping social media to reach revenue goals.

Take-Home Message

Whether you are using social media for sales or still on the way to, you need to plan strategically taking into consideration your target audience, their homes, their expectations, problems, and a lot more. Not only does that help you build a sustainable strategy, but it also enables you to offer the services that your buyers crave for. Leverage our deep industry understanding to understand your market and competitors better with the combination of social selling heatmaps and power audit. Get started today!


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